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10 Facts about Me

Updated: Oct 20, 2018

Since this is a new blog, I thought I’d let you guys know a little bit more about myself. Something a bit more personal than other lifestyle posts. Coming up with 10 facts proved seriously hard! It was like when someone asks you what your favourite film is, and suddenly you can’t remember watching a single film in your life. So, here are 10 facts about me that you may not already know:

1) I'm A Student

I’m a university student in my first year at Birmingham City University studying Psychology. I fell in love with psychology at A-level and couldn’t wait to learn more at university. I’ve just broke up for the summer and now i have a lot of time on my hands – although I’m not complaining about a long summer! I find the workings of the human mind so interesting. I believe that in understanding how we function as individuals and as a society, we can in fact build a better world, and if you’re not trying to better the world in some way shape or form, what are you really doing with your life?

2) Doggies!

I have 2 doggies – both staffordshire bull terriers. One black named Ebony (for obvious reasons) and one white called Logan (after wolverine). They’re really the funniest members of the family, never a dull day watching them. They’re so animated in their facial expressions and they have little conversations with you in growls and barks. Anyone who thinks that a dog is automatically vicious because of their breed is, quite frankly, an idiot. Logan is the softest doggo you’d ever meet (Ebony is a bit more sassy than soft). He plays dead when you pretend to shoot him and gives you high fives. Both of them only want your food and your attention, with the occasional play time thrown in there, and they’re happy with their day – ready to curl up on their blanket on the sofa and sleep.

3) I'm a Binge Watcher

I am so guilty of binge watching a series! I really do hate having to wait a whole week to find out what’s going to happen next now. Thanks Netflix! It never used to be a problem in my life, now it’s annoying. Finding a new show with several series and lots of episodes per season is the best feeling – then I have no idea what to do with myself after I’ve finished again. I’ve been know to binge and finish 4 seasons of a show within 5 days if it’s good. The three I really got into binging BIG time were Pretty Little Liars, Gossip Girl (both of which I was late to the party on) and Orange is the New Black. I finished them the quickest, disappeared for several days and just binged. If you ever can’t get a reply from me, it’s most likely because I am sat in front of my laptop engrossed in the next box set. At the moment I’m working my way through Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt and Teen Wolf.

4) Tattoos

I have 2 tattoos, both of which I’ve had done in the last year. The first is on the back of my neck, the symbol for my star sign – Taurus. I wanted something small (because I didn’t know how much it would really hurt) but that still represented something to me, which wouldn’t change since it’ll be on my body forever. A star sign seemed appropriate, so I found the nicest design on Pinterest and got it put on my body. The second one is on my inner left arm. It’s the poison apple from snow white with a geometric design around it. Designed and tattooed by @charleedarwintattoo from a few mixed references I gave her. She did amazing, very much worth the pain! I want more tattoos, hopefully pretty soon, so keep your eyes peeled for them popping up on the blog and on my social media!

5) YouTube

I used to have my own YouTube channel. I touched upon this in my first post a little. It’s actually why I started up this blog in the first place. I missed creating content and connecting with people through it. I love love loved YouTube. I used to watch like 50 different channels and have new stuff in my subscription box every single day- back in 2014/2015, the time of the cinnamon challenge and the chubby bunny challenge. They may have been stupid, but it was also the time of youtubers just having fun, not relying on a brand for money nor creating just because they needed to put something out, rather than spending time on what they love. That’s what YouTube is to me now, a lot of people just wanting money. However, there are still channels like Caito Potato that I enjoy watching, because she’s nothing but REAL! Although there are also smaller youtubers that deserve a lot more subscribers than they have, but aren’t getting the recognition that they deserve.

6) Cacti

I love cacti! I have 4 cacti and a succulent on my window sill, my own little indoor garden. I also have a cactus snow globe and a cactus print wine glass, because they're so cute. I decided cacti would be easier to keep than normal plants as knowing me I’d not water them regularly enough. Cacti don’t need as much watering, so forgetting for a few days is absolutely fine! I really wanted a house plant to add to my room, I think they add a certain easy, natural beauty to any space. And they’re tiny and cute. And I love anything tiny and cute.

7) I Need Glasses

All my life I’ve had 20-20 vision. I’ve never needed glasses or had any type of problems with my eyes. That was until 2015. In 2015 I got a stress induced eye infection which wouldn’t respond to any creams or antibiotics that the doctors gave me. I had it for months, and ended up having to be operated on to actually get rid of it. Since then my eyes have gone down hill. Last month I went for a routine check – turns out that I now need driving glasses! Not lying, I secretly always wanted a pair and I was quite excited to pick out my own pair of glasses and not have to just wear them as a non-functional accessory anymore. I got mine from Glasses Direct and I love them.

8) Vinyl

In the past year or so I’ve been collecting records. So far I’ve managed to gather 33 (with one on pre-order to arrive in July). If you’d like to see them all or also collect or enjoy records, you can follow my Instagram that showcases them all @ct.vinyls. I prefer to collect coloured vinyl rather than black vinyl, although of course vintage records are almost exclusively black. The bands that I listen to have revived vinyl, with every release available on several different pressings. I have an Ion Audio Max LP turntable to play them on. It also has aux input and usb output for conversion and I’d recommend that over any suitcase record player you can buy. It’s much sturdier so there’s less chance of damage to your records. It's not only records, but cassette tapes also on their way up too! So far I only have one cassette – Youth by Citizen. I’d like more, however I don’t currently have a way of playing them, so I’m holding off on spending my money on them until I can enjoy them.

9) Hair Dye

I started dying my hair at the age of 13. The first colour I went was a simple box dye purple, nothing too out there, just one that showed up purple in direct sunlight, but otherwise looked rather brown – school appropriate. However, what I really wanted was bright colours. When I finished school that year I bleached it for the first time and dyed it half green, half blue! I still think it looked killer. Since then I’ve been half pink half blue, dip dye green, full pink, full orange and I’m currently using L’Oreal preference dye in the shade “starry night”. It’s a semi-permanent black, that changes to purple in the light. I couldn’t just go straight black – not only did I think that I’d get bored with it quickly, but it’s also one of the hardest colours to remove, you have to bleach your hair to get it back out which is damaging to your hair. When you dye it as much as I do, you need to look after it!!


I HATE MOTHS MORE THAN ANYTHING. I also dislike lots of other creepy crawlies, especially spiders, but I can catch a big spider in a glass if I’m forced to (i.e. no one else is around to do it for me). Moths? No sir. No way. I’ll open a window and vacate my room or house if necessary. I can not deal with moths. They fly like they’re broken and it freaks me out. They’re one of the few chosen bugs for horror films to fly out of possessed or dead bodies and bring death with them. I feel like I'd be exactly the same with cockroaches too, however I’m lucky enough to never have actually seen a cockroach. Once on a camping holiday I was doing my makeup, wearing extremely ripped jeans. While I was happily minding my own business, a moth landed on me, on my leg, on part of my exposed thigh. I don’t think I’ve ever panicked more. I tried shaking my leg and it wasn’t effecting it at all so I ended up having to brush it away with my hand, and I’m still emotionally scarred to this day.


Thanks for reading 10 random facts about me! Let me know if you relate to any of these by leaving a comment below! You can also find my social media via the buttons in the header (and the footer!)

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