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2020 Resolutions

Every year we make resolutions to be better in the new year. Last year I wrote a post about my resolutions for 2019, and I’m going to take a look back at those and see whether I was successful in keeping to them or not!

2019 Resolutions:

Make more friends

In 2019 I wanted to “strike up more conversations with girls in bathrooms and be that person who talks to everyone no matter if they know them or not” and “slide into the dm’s of those people I think are cool on twitter, get over this stupid fear of getting rejected and bullied.”

I think I did okay on this one. I haven’t made any ride or dies yet, but I’ve been building my confidence and striking up more conversations in 2019. I’ve made new friends and connections through gigs, my photography and through my ambassadorship with Student Prime. 2019 was not as lonely as 2018 and I’m hoping 2020 only continues to get better.

Save some money

This one I managed to do, despite a second car breaking down on me! I plan on using this for one of my resolutions for 2020.

Speak up

In one way, I think I’ve managed to do this. I wanted to “break out of my shell, I’m ready to start telling people they’re wrong” and I did. I got very political over the general election and I’m standing up for what I believe in every day, as well as standing up for myself and telling people when they’re rude, they’re wrong or when they don’t deserve me.

On the other hand, I did not manage to work on that mumbling thing completely. I think it’s gotten better, but I still do it when I’m chatting waffle so, still got a bit of work to do on that one.

Use less plastic

I did this one quite well. I got myself reusable bottles, mugs and straws and I recycle A LOT. So much so that we don’t have enough room in our bin to get rid of it when the collection comes round so we need a new one!

Stick to a night time routine

No. Didn’t happen.

Put my clothes away instead of on the floor


Take care of me more

I definitely put myself first in 2019 and focused on reaching my goals both with university and my blog. I even took up a new hobby that makes me really happy and I find extremely rewarding, and that is following me into 2020 with some big things happening soon!

Overall, I think I did okay! 5ish/7 isn’t bad!

So, what about 2020?

In 2020 I want to push forward and continue to do as I’ve been doing the last few months of 2019 – focusing on growing my blog and photography, working with more bands, brands and companies and just generally thriving! Here are my goals for 2020:

1. Travel!

My main goal is to have fun in 2020 and broaden my horizons. Summer 2020 is going to be the summer of fun and I already have big plans for long trips away!

2. Graduate University

This is my last year so as long as I pass I should (fingers crossed!) be graduating in the summer! I’m hoping for a 2:1 to put me in good stead when it comes to job hunting and I’m going to continue to work hard to get there.

3. Get paid for my photography

I would love to be able to start charging for my work in 2020! Even if it’s just small amounts, covering travel/food etc or free merch, it would be amazing to turn this into something to add some money into my savings.

4. Get paid for a blog post

Again, this gal needs the dollar! I want 2020 to be the year of reaching out to brands and getting paid to do what I love. Getting paid to do a post for the very first time is the start of that.

5. Start saving to move out

While I know 2020 won’t be the year that I move out of my parents’ house, I can be the year I start saving to do so! I most likely won’t move out until late 2021 at the very earliest (more likely 2022/23!) but I have an ISA now and the £1 in it needs some company!


Thanks for reading! What are your 2020 goals/resolutions? Let me know in the comments down below!

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See you next time,

Cerys x

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