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Thank you to everyone who asked me a question, having people who really care enough to get involved with my blog means the world to me 💞

What inspired you to start writing your blog in the first place?

I touched upon this a bit in my first ever post. I really missed having a creative output after quitting my YouTube channel several years ago. However, YouTube has changed so much since I’ve been gone, everyone and their dog has a channel, so it’s much harder to get noticed. Even people with millions of subscribers actively struggle to keep their subscribers engaged and they’re not also full-time students, with a part time job, in a committed relationship. I just don’t have the time to film and edit at least one video a week that would be engaging. I’d love to go back to it really, it was so much fun, but I’ not sure I could handle the pressure to succeed or the lack of engagement. And that is why I started blogging. I’m aware that not many people blog anymore, it’s all moved over to Instagram now, so I know my engagement is never going to be that high, it’s all just for fun. My crowdkilling post got the most engagement I’ve ever got by far and I was so so happy because I worked for weeks on that! I’m thankful for every person who reads what I post, even though its not a lot, it means the world.

What is your dream job?

Ideally, I want no job, but lots of money. That’s the dream after all! But that is totally unrealistic and I’m completely aware of that (I’ll just dream instead). At the moment, I would love to be a successful blogger/social media influencer. I want to make money from living my life and sharing it, but it’s one of the hardest things to do right now. The grind to get anywhere is stupidly high, with equally high pressure and it can really affect your mental health. But it arguably has the most wonderful pay-outs. You get to earn money, with your friends, having the time of your life at brand events and you’re self-employed so you don’t have to answer to anyone if you don’t want to really. Again, it’s a dream job. It’s up there with being a successful actor, writer, singer etc. I’m still pursuing a career in psychology – I’m not entirely sure in which way right now, but I’m figuring that out (currently leaning towards political psychology). Either way, it’s the best way I can think of to help people and spread the love, making at least one person’s life better in some way is what I ultimately want to do.

Who’s your favourite friend called Chloe?

You know it’s you forever and always😘

If you could meet any beauty guru who’d it be and why?

It’s a toss up between James Charles and Jeffree Star. Some people may disagree with this, but let’s be real, there are basically 0 people in the beauty community who aren’t bitchy, who aren’t constantly involved with drama and who you’d want to friend up straight away. In my opinion, the females are the worst for this. I’ve always got on better with guys anyway. Also, I don’t watch any female beauty gurus at all, because I learned how to do a smokey eye and a cut crease and that’s the whole beauty community wrapped up then. I get makeup inspo from Instagram, but I don’t follow anyone just to view their makeup posts. James and Jeffree are killing the beauty guru game and I’d love to get business tips from them both.

Are you veggie or vegan?

No, I am neither, but it is something I want to pursue in the future. I’m starting off by trying to stick to cruelty free makeup brands and swap out my every day products from brands such as Rimmel (who I wore lots of growing up) who are not cruelty free and increasing my knowledge of these sorts of things. I’m also trying to be more sustainable with my clothing, supporting smaller, more eco-friendly brands when possible (although my bank account isn’t helping in that area right now, but I’m trying). I already recycle everything I possibly can and am trying to be better in my plastic consumption. However, as far as eating habits go, I am considering cutting out red meat. I don’t eat much anyway and it’s a good first step.

Elephant patterns or tribal?

Erm, tribal I guess? More variance.

Explain how you are so pretty?

Not as pretty as you babe! Love you ❤️

Where’s your clothes from in your DP?

This is referring to my Instagram DP since this is where I asked these questions. My top is band merch bought at a show. It’s Higher Power merch and you can find lots of cool stuff from them on their online store. My long sleeve is a second top and that is from Primark, as are my trousers. My mum says these particular ones look like pyjama trousers but they’re definitely not, and I like the aesthetic - I can rock it, right? My shoes are converse – classic high top Chuck Taylor All Stars, and my socks are just basic white socks again from Primark. Most of my socks are Primark, unless they’re meant to be seen. Why pay more for basic items that you’re not even going to see? My glasses are from River Island and my necklace and bracelet were gifts, so I don’t know where they are from.


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