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A Day Trip to Bakewell

A few weeks ago, I wrote a blog post on the places I’d like to visit in the UK in the form of a bucket list (click here to read that!) I’ve ticked one of these places off the list already! Bakewell!

We managed to go on an absolutely beautiful day - 30-degree weather! Kids and dogs were paddling in the river and it was very busy. I didn’t realise that Bakewell was so close to me, otherwise I would’ve visited much sooner!

Once we got there we went straight to the town centre to find the original Bakewell Tart Shop and see what else we could find. It’s a very well kept and beautiful town, with the poshest chip shop that I have ever seen, and lots of other places to eat now that I think about it. We noticed some lovely looking tea rooms, some quaint antique stores and charming gift shops.

The main thing that I wanted to do was buy an official Bakewell Tart and compare it to Mr. Kipling’s version. Wow. I was not disappointed. They’re so good. If you like Mr Kipling’s Bakewell tarts, you will want to live in Bakewell once you’ve tried an original, just to be able to eat one every day, they’re 10x better. Literally in love with this pastry. We sat by the river as I ate my tart (Jonny had a sausage roll because he’s boring) and watched the fish in the river and people watched for a while as we melted in the 30-degree heat.

After that we ate our lunch we went for a small walk along the river, stopping on a bench in the park to take some photos and just chit chat.

After a while we went back into the town. After walking across the whole town trying to find the public toilets, we finally found them and quickly realised we’d walked past them about 5 times. After all that, we found that posh chip shop, and bought a portion of chips and a cod which we shared sat on the wall by the river again. They were gorgeous btw, 10/10 battered cod.

For pudding we walked across the river to an ice cream van we had spotted earlier in the day. I had a mango solero and Jonny decided to throw it back, buying so calippo shots. We still had an hour left of the parking, so we walked back to a different spot on the river, nearer the lock bridge this time, and ate these while we watched the fish swim and the ducks dive under the water.

I’d definitely recommend Bakewell, it’s a lovely day out, especially in good weather. It’s not like there are 1000 things to do or anything, but it’s a beautiful small town and I had a very relaxing, calming time. If you do go, don’t forget to take a towel and have a paddle while you’re there, something we wish we had thought of!


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