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A Grown Up Holiday to Mallorca

t the end of March this year I took my first grown up holiday to Mallorca – my first without any parents or other form of grown up. Very exciting. It was also my first holiday abroad in 10 years, and my first flight in 14. As you can imagine I was very nervous, but even more excited. I bought new clothes, new swimwear, a new passport cover and had my suitcase packed a week and a half before hand. I didn’t get much sleep the night before my flight thanks to the anticipation of sun, sand and sea running through me. I even cried as the plane took off because I was feeling so overwhelmed (in a good way!)

Stepping off the plane onto Mallorcan soil and feeling that sheet of warm air was as good as everyone told me it would be, especially as the temperature back in England was 5°C. Even the lower temperature (for Mallorca) of 15°C felt like 30 to me at the time. The simple difference between grey skies and drizzle, and blue skies and palm trees made me smile ear to ear. After flying into Palma de Mallorca we travelled to Santa Ponsa where we checked into our beach front H10 hotel. I’ve never stayed anywhere quite as swanky as there, I felt like I was a rich house wife ready to begin holiday season. Being the very first week of the season, the first few days we were there the hotel (and the whole area) was quiet and we had plenty of opportunity to explore. The first placed we explored – even before the hotel – was the McDonalds over the road. Our room had a splendid view of the golden arches, and of the ducks that waddled around eating stray chips. Even so, my favourite spot to be was the roof – complete with roof top bar, infinity pool and cabana loungers. We spent a few afternoons up there watching people on the beach and walking along the front.

When we weren’t swimming in one of the hotel’s 3 pools, sunbathing or watching morning television in our room we went walking. We walked along both sides of the bay while we were there (on separate days). On the right we found lots more hotels and restaurants (a few of which we made note to try) and a small cove with a smaller beach. It hadn’t been cleared of seaweed just yet, so there was no sunbathing to do there. However, the little viewing ledge allowed us to take in the blue sea and the fresh air – and made for beautiful pictures.

On the left we found another cove. This time it wasn’t covered in seaweed, instead trees grew out of the sand and children played in the shallows. There were a lot of beautiful summer villas along the coastal path that we walked. We spoke about one day in the distant future – if we had enough money – maybe we’d buy a villa like those ones and fly out whenever we could to soak up the sun. Further on we found a monument where we stayed a while enjoying the heat and watching the waves crash against the accropodes protecting the coast line, telling each other how much we really didn’t want to go home any time soon.

We only stayed for 5 nights, much too short a time in my opinion. I’d love to go back again in a few years for a longer time in the summer months to enjoy Santa Ponsa in its full glory. Until then, I’ve got a bright yellow crew neck to remind me of sunny memories.


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