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Am I a Serial Hobbyist?

Updated: Oct 20, 2018

Recently I’ve realised that I’m a bit of a serial hobbyist. I like to have some from of creative outlet. I’ve always enjoyed drawing, writing and creating and sharing what I’ve done with others. However, I don’t ever seem to be able to stick to anything?

One of my first real hobbies was reading. At the age of around 11 I began using my library

card pretty much weekly, picking up at least two books each time. I liked teen dramas and teen fantasy books – vampires with teenage angst. Needless to say, when I discovered the Twilight series I was hooked from the first chapter. By the age of 14 I’d read almost the entire teen’s section - all but the ones that didn’t interest me in the slightest. That was pretty much the end of that. I didn’t have the money to be buying a new book every time I finished the current one, so it came to a distinct halt. Recently I’ve been trying to get back into reading. With an almost 1-hour commute to and from university 3 days a week I’ve had a bit more free time to delve back into this one - as well as listen to new music and listen to podcasts. I’m currently reading ‘Talking with Psychopaths and Savages: A Journey into the Evil Mind’ by Christopher Berry-Dee.

Another hobby I soon picked up was painting my nails. It was around the same time that I

first got into using makeup – loreal dream matte foundation and cheap mascara. My nails were much better than my makeup (for a 13-year-old). I liked ambitious designs, which I painted onto plain acrylic nails from home bargains or pound land. Themed nails were much more interesting than just simple colours and glitters. I was very proud of my nails – I posted pictures onto my Instagram and Facebook pages. I even painted a few for friends. Alas, I stopped doing this when I found something apparently more interesting to do.

This more interesting thing may have been upcycling clothes (although I can’t really

remember). These were more like mini projects to me – making new clothes out of old ones. It was the first time I cropped a t-shirt. I also did some more creative upcycling projects like making headbands out of shirt scraps and adding prints to shorts. Admittedly, most of what I made was complete rubbish – but I was proud at the time. My best upcycle – which I’m still quite proud of and would probably still wear if they fit – were a pair of ripped jeans. It was the first time I distressed any jeans, and I distressed them A LOT. I thought I was very edgy.

In 2014 I began watching YouTube. People like Luke Cutforth, Doddleoddle, Musical Bethan and Veeoneeye (before we knew he was a sex offender) made me want to start my own channel - and so, with a little encouragement from my boyfriend, I did. I uploaded once a week for around 8 months and the channel grew at a rate that I was really happy with. Unfortunately, I got an eye infection at the time that ended up having to be operated on as it wouldn’t go away with antibiotics or creams. Due to the quite obvious visual problem with that I stopped making consistent videos, instead trying to make videos when I could that didn’t involve my face. After this my views started to decline AND I started my A-level exams, so I gave this up instead of pushing forward. If I hadn’t have stopped for that period I think I’d still be doing it now, with a good following too, considering friends that I made while I was making videos now have 10,000 subscribers and above. Wanting to get back into YouTube is actually the reason I started this blog (if you haven’t read my first post you can read more about that there). The channel is still up and all the videos are still public, so you can still go watch them if you’d like.

A fourth and more recent hobby I’ve had is writing a bullet journal. A bullet journal is a

combined diary, journal, list book and planner – as well as anything else you want it to be. I mainly used mine as a monthly and weekly planner, although I did have other, more creative pages in there too. These included wish lists and mood trackers. I really enjoyed doing this. I liked the design element and how pretty everything looked. It also had more practical applications though, it helped me organise and prioritise my to do lists and kept all my important information in one place. However, creating all these pages was very time consuming. In the summer when I stated it, this wasn’t a problem. However, when my university workload picked up and deadlines came around, it became one of my lesser priorities. After several weeks of not using the book but still getting by, it became less important as an organisational tool. Although I still have the book, I no longer use it nearly as much as I used to.

Which brings us to now. My new hobby; blogging. When I don’t have something to work on I feel a bit lost. Binging shows on Netflix isn’t cutting it for me anymore, I can feel my brain melting away when I’ve not been doing anything productive for a while now. Hopefully blogging will not be a hobby that bombs! I’m hoping it’ll be more like YouTube – I’m really enjoying everything about this right now. Putting effort into something and making things that I’m proud of is a brilliant feeling.


Thanks for reading! Let me know about your hobbies in a comment below.

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