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An Interview with Euphoric

Updated: Feb 10, 2020

Euphoric are a young two-piece punk band from Birmingham, UK. The band is made up of Ethan Pennington-Treanor (Drums & vocals) and Sam Fisher (Guitar & vocals). They have played several shows in the Birmingham area, recently playing the O2 Institute supporting The Butters Aliens. After releasing their debut single “Hate me” back in September, the two-piece have just released their follow up single “Monster”.

I caught up with Euphoric at a show to have a chat about this new start!

Introduce yourselves to us!

Ethan: Hi so, I’m Ethan and this is Sam and we’ve been Euphoric for about 11 months now. This is our second time playing The Sunflower Lounge, we’re gassed.

Sam: Fully gassed.

So how did you two meet?

Ethan: I met Sam when he was about 7 years old I think!

Sam: *laughs* yeah and then, wait how did we meet? What was it, the Skrillex video?

Ethan: Yeah! We used to listen to Skrillex and I’m friends with his sister and it was like, yeah we met about 10 years ago and it was like, I was moving schools and my mum was like you need to join a club and Sam’s Mum ran the club. He wasn’t allowed in the club because he was too young, so he’d walk around with his iPod and sing Kings of Leon all the time.

Sam: That’s mad.

He’s outing you

Sam: Yeah!

So what are the influences for the band?

Ethan: Oh god, countless.

Sam: Turnstile.

Ethan: I think if we could name the main three it’d be Slaves, Turnstile and Lil’ Peep.

Sam: Yeah.

Ethan: And then we’ve got shit like, Idols, we love Pretty Vile obviously- we always say we’re just like the BTEC Pretty Vile.

Sam: Yeah, we are the BTEC Pretty Vile.

Ethan: We’ve been around longer I think actually though. We just haven’t been giging. So, yeah just stuff like, we like indie and punk but also like rap and hardcore. Obviously Knocked Loose, although we sound nothing like them. It’s kind of getting into hardcore, after being a punk band. Our first gig was just like Slaves & Blink-182 covers because we couldn’t really work out what we were doing.

Sam: We played it damn good though.

How did you come up with the name Euphoric?

Ethan: Sam came up with it, I don’t actually know where it came from.

Sam: I came up with the name Euphoria because it just sounded cool. Then there was a different band called Euphoria so we changed it to Euphoric.

Ethan: It was Sam’s soundcloud name for like a month I think.

Sam: Oh yeah it was a soundcloud name as well.

Ethan: And I was like, oh we’ll call the band that it’s fine.

You nicked it

Ethan: Yeah.

So what about your dream venues to play?

Sam: Probably like, House of Vans.

Ethan: House of Vans! I’d love to play The Mill personally. I’d love to play The Mill. After seeing Knocked Loose and Northlane there it’s like, it’s the maddest venue.

Sam: Yeah, I think The Mill would be good actually.

Ethan: The Mill would be sick, and House of Vans would be really cool after we saw Turn- well, after I YouTubed Turnstile play there *laughs*

Both of you, pick a soundtrack to your life.

Ethan: Jesus of Suburbia.

Sam: oh that such a long song. Erm, fuck, I don’t know. That’s such a hard question. I don’t know. I really like Deadringer by Knocked Loose, so that, I’ll just say that.

Ethan: He’s trying to hide the fact that he’s secretly a skater boy.

Sam: Shut up.

And lastly, what’s next for Euphoric?

Ethan: We’ve got a single very in the works [out now]. We’ve been writing it for like three months now it’s just taking a long time. We want to release an EP next year and then just play as many shows as we can get. With Sam only just being old enough to play The Sunflower Lounge now we couldn’t be too much a part of the scene, so I guess getting in there is what we want to do next. I’d love to play with The Butters Aliens, I love that band.

Sam: I think, yeah, just play as many shows as we can to get as big as we can.


Thanks to the lads in Euphoric for chatting to me! You can check out their brand new single “Monster” on all platforms now!

You can also find them on Instagram to keep up to date with their shows!


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Thanks for reading!

Cerys x

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