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An Interview with Glass Ceilings

Glass Ceilings are an alternative band local to Birmingham who released their first EP LIARS back in April. They have since been featured on BBC WM introducing and are quickly growing. Fresh off their first tour I went to see them play at The Slade Rooms in Wolverhampton. Unfortunately, that night the crowd was a little sparse which is not the usual for the band judging from their Instagram videos from tour and their sold-out EP release show at the Sunflower Lounge. You could see that this was disappointing for them as they began playing, but as the room slowly filled they became much more comfortable on stage. They have a great sound which is alternative but still easy listening, I couldn’t help myself dancing along while I was snapping photos.

I also got the lovely opportunity to have a little chat with them and get to know this new band a little better:

Who are Glass Ceilings?

I’m Lois, I’m 20, and I do vocals and guitar.

Hi I’m Q , 16 , and I’m the drummer.

I’m Kate and I play Bass

Hey I’m Jay, I’m 20 years old and I’m the lead guitarist.

You’ve recently been on your first tour, what was that like?

Q: Tour was a good experience. I liked playing in different cities, it was a different experience to playing in Birmingham.

Kate: It’s weird going and headlining in venues and cities we’ve never played but we’ve done enough together as a band that we're comfortable with the songs, so nerves aren’t really a big thing for me. The travelling has been okay, but we are yet to spend the night anywhere, and we’ve been driving back instead - so the late drives back have been tiring.

Lois: Yeah, touring is tiring with everything going on but it’s fun so it’s worth it.

Jay: I think the travelling was fine, I enjoyed that we got to experience different cities that I’d never even been to before.

What has been your best show yet?

We all agree that our best show yet was our EP release show at the Sunflower Lounge. It was good seeing all the people we know such as friends and family there and getting to play to them all. It was an amazing atmosphere and it even sold out.

What’s the biggest problem you’ve had to overcome so far as a band?

Lois: When we first started out, we had no gig gear or much writing capability, but I think we’ve really progressed and worked hard. We now have our own stuff and our songwriting has only gotten better with time.

Q: My biggest problem just in life, in general, is that I don’t drive haha

What is your favourite track off the EP?

Q: My favourite track is WDYWFM [what do you want from me]

Kate: I agree, my favourite is WDYWFM as well. When we wrote it it was different from anything else we had done so we could really experiment with it and I feel like that really helped us to find our sound and let us have some fun.

Lois: My favourite track on the ep is WDYWFM too. I remember coming up with the riff and thinking it sounded cool. Then when we were rehearsing everyone started piecing it together like it came naturally and it just worked really well. Adding all the little extras while recording was a first for us as well, our earlier tracks are quite basic so it was fun to add another level of detail into something we love.

Jay: I’m going to be different and say that my favourite is Talk. I love Talk to be honest, it was the first song we really cared about and found our style with.

What would be the soundtrack to your life?

Jay: Mine would be I am the Walrus by The Beatles

Q: The soundtrack to my life would be The Less I Know the Better by Tame Impala just because I like the bass line that much.

Lois: This is a hard one because I'm constantly changing my favourite song. At the moment my favourite song is definitely Give Me a Try by The Wombats.

What is your dream venue?

Kate: Main stage Reading. I feel like it would be cool to be up on that stage after knowing what it feels like to be standing in the crowd watching and with how many amazing people I've seen on that stage, it would be next level to be able to say I've been on there myself playing to all those people.

Lois: It would be an absolute dream to play Reading Festival. The vibe there is amazing, and I couldn't even imagine how insane it would be to play there.

Q: My dream venue is definitely a Glastonbury headline because it’s a dream of mine.

Jay: I think Madison Square Garden definitely.

What’s next for Glass Ceilings?

We have some new songs that we are looking to release in the near future, including one that we’ve played a few times live now and it’s had great feedback, so it should definitely be our next release. We also have a headline gig in Birmingham on November 22nd at the O2 Institute. We have some amazing bands on the lineup and an official afterparty at Nightingales after! We’re also looking to play some festivals next summer so if you want us, we’re up for it!


You can find Glass Ceilings on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram. You can also listen to their music on Apple Music and Spotify. Thanks to the band for inviting me along to the show and letting me take photos, as well as taking their time to chat to me!


If you’re a small band, promotion company, record company or gig photographer (especially local to the Midlands) drop me an email -which you can find on my contact/PR page- or dm me on insta and we can chat about working together!

You can also check out my other interviews under the Music tab!

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