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An Interview with Simple Trixx

Simple Trixx are a pop punk band local to Wolverhampton who are looking to make a name for themselves outside of their hometown. They played their first headline show outside of Wolverhampton at the Sunflower Lounge on 24th September, and I got the pleasure to head down to this show and catch it.

They're a young band but have got the pop punk vibes down already. As with any young band there are a few fine tunings needed, but I'm sure more experience and more gigs will do just that. The rest of the bands on the line up were a completely different sound to Simple Trixx - more along the lines of Indie bands than pop punk - and that reflected in the loss of numbers in the crowd when it was time for Simple Trixx to play. Nevertheless, they still had plenty enough people stick around to make a good show and even to have a mosh pit going which is impressive for a first headline show.

I also got the chance to catch them after soundcheck for a chat about what the band is about and what they've got coming up in the future:

Who are Simple Trixx?

Hi I’m Ashwin I’m – how old am I? Oh, I’m 16 and I play bass.

My name is Tom and I’m 16 and I play lead guitar.

I’m Will I’m 17 and I play rhythm guitar.

I am Ben and I sing and scream in Simple Trixx.

I’m Eefer and I’m the drummer.

How did you guys meet?

Eefer & Benji met in Wolverhampton at the civic and just got chatting about bands and stuff. Will basically met everyone through a band club called the rock project, also knows Benji through high school. He was the last one to join after their first show in October 2017 and that is the bands line up as it is today.

Who are the bands biggest influences?

We all bring our own influences to the band and our songwriting. Tom – pop punk, Ash – math rock & jazz (the weird shiz) Benji – metalcore, Will – classic rock and Eefer just brings all the things, but at the same time he doesn’t really know. But at our core, we are of course pop punk but with all these different genres as subtle influences.

How did you come up with your name?

SO basically, to begin with, we were called “Crop Circles”, but then a band from Birmingham messaged us and asked us to change our name because they were also called crop circles and apparently had been for the last 2 years, so we were like “ok” I guess. Then we tried to think of the most pop punk thing we could think of which was skateboards. Then we came up with “simple tricks on skateboards” but that was way too long. We then shortened it to “simple tricks”, and then to avoid anyone claiming that name (again) we put the two X’s at the end to get “simple trixx”.

Then Simple Creatures came along and they had the same font and everything and now we have to try and convince people we didn’t steal it from them!

What has been your best show yet?

The last Live and Picking at New Hampton arts centre on 19th July. We don’t know why but the crowd just like, really connected with us and we got a good reception from them. We’ve had a lot of good shows but that one definitely stands out from the rest.

What would be the soundtrack to your life?

Eefer: Everytime by Boy Pablo

Benji: Always Dead by Beartooth

Will: Basket Case by Green Day

Tom: Will just stole mine?? Okay, pretty much anything from American Idiot, but if I have to pick one, Letter Bomb.

Ash: I Love My Parents by Bucket Head because you should love your parents. And it’s a good tune.

What is your dream venue?

Tom: A no barrier show!

Eefer: A stadium, but obviously everyone says that and that’s a boring answer.

Benji: A garage or house show or a no barrier show like Tom said.

Will: A house show like the one in Slipknot's Duality where they trash the place, that would be sick.

Eefer: Also the Civic because that would be a great hometown show.

Tom: Anywhere that’s not actually a venue would be cool basically.

What's next for Simple Trixx?

Recording, definitely recording. EP when??? We need to do it. We have a lot of material, it's just getting around to recording. We have about 7 or 8 original songs now, so we could’ve done an EP a long time ago, we’re nearly there really. We’re hoping to get some studio time in the next few months.


You can find Simple Trixx on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook - as well as on their own website! They have not released any music officially yet, but you can find them on Soundcloud.

Thanks to Simple Trixx for inviting me down and being so lovely to me as my first band to both photograph and interview!

Photo credit to Libby Clarke for the official band photos used in this post. Live photos are mine.


If you’re a small band, promotion company, record company or gig photographer (especially local to the Midlands) drop me an email -which you can find on my contact/pr rage- or dm me on insta and we can chat about working together!

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