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Collecting Vinyl

In my 10 facts about me post in June I mentioned that I collected vinyl and promised a larger post about this, so, here is that post!

Records are cool. I really enjoy physical copies of my favourite albums and CD’s ae great n’all but records are just better. They just are.

About 2 years ago I started collecting vinyl. My boyfriend was pretty much my inspiration to start collecting myself, as he had started about a year before. I’d begun buying him records as birthday and Christmas presents, and somehow, I caught the bug myself. Since then I’ve racked up 32 records and also 1 tape (I would have more tapes, but I don’t actually have any means of playing them…)

My first record was a 12” maroon/white smash pressing of Moose Blood’s first album - I’ll Keep You In Mind From Time To Time. The pressing info says maroon, but it’s definitely pink... I don’t really understand. This was a present from Jonny as I’d asked for a record player off my parents for my birthday, so I’d need something to play! Obviously.

The first few records that I bought myself were a 12” red and yellow with blue splatter pressing of The Finer Things by State Champs, a 7” orange pressing of Driftwood by Boston Manor and a 12” pink pressing of While I Stay Secluded by Knuckle Puck. I was very proud of these and I’ve framed my Knuckle Puck record - it’s super cute décor! This hangs right above my record player. It’s pink so really goes with my bedroom décor (whites and pastels). It is something different to just a normal picture, and also, I can’t play it because it’s damaged anyway so, why not frame it?

My latest purchase was a pre-order of a 12” clear with red and yellow splatter pressing of Trash Boat’s latest album Crown Shyness.

I personally prefer coloured records rather than black records; however, I do own some black ones. These are mainly vintage records and original pressings from last century. I seem to have a lot of pink ones and white ones – completely by accident! Although those are probably some of my favourite colours, so it does make sense that those would be the ones that I’m drawn to. I’m yet to own a full yellow one yet, but when I do you can bet that’ll take pride of place in my collection!

The record player than I have is an Ion Audio Max LP Turntable in a wood finish bought from Amazon. It has 3 different setting speeds, stereo speakers, USB Output, headphone output and AUX input. So, not only can you listen to your records, you can also play music from your phone and convert the music from your records into digital files. The speakers on this are pretty good by themselves, but you can connect better quality speakers if you so wish.

In March of 2017 I started an Instagram account dedicated to my collection. I think they’re gorgeous and wanted to show them off, but they seemed out of place on my usual timeline. Then, I found a few accounts from people who had their own collections and basically decided that’s exactly what I would do and copied them completely, I'm not going to lie. I took a few tips and tricks for taking photos and editing, as well as what information to put into the captions from these accounts, and thus my account was born. My account is @ct.vinyls, come give me a follow and check out the rest of my collection!


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