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Dying My Hair Using La Riché Directions Dye

Before I get into this post, I made a video of the process of dying my hair which you can watch here, and while you're there don't forget to subscribe to my channel and keep your eyes peeled for more videos!

After my pink hair had faded, I needed another change. It had faded really well to be honest, it was looking kind of holographic and iridescent which was pretty cool, but I needed a plan for when it looked gross again. That's the problem with bright colours, they take a lot of up-keep and that's effort.

I've only used Crazy Colour dye and La Riché Directions dye in the past. The La Riché dye was my favourite of the two so I decided to take a look at what colours they sold online. After scrolling through I decided to stick to a colour scheme similar to my last dye job. Instead, I would pull the purple further down my hair and have a better ombre effect. Once I'd decided this, I ordered my dye's and they arrived within a few days.

I've been home colouring my hair for 6 years now so I know exactly what I'm doing. I bought a fresh dye brush from Superdrug and have a supply of latex gloves handy all the time. I bought 3 colours of dye, a darker purple called Plum, a lighter purple named Violet and a pink named Carnation pink. I used the plum on my roots, violet on the middle 3rd of my hair and then the carnation pink on the ends (you can watch the whole process in my youtube video!)

After the application I waited about 45 minutes and rinsed, conditioned and dried. The instructions for the dye said to leave it on for 15 minutes, but I've found that this dye doesn't damage my hair if left on longer, and the longer you can leave it on the more intense the colour. Of course, I never leave it on for too long, just in case.

I was really happy with how the plum colour came out! It was super vibrant and I would 10/10 use this colour again. The violet was good too, maybe it's just because it's not as eye catching as the plum - it is meant to be softer after all - but it somehow just didn't stand up next to it - but was still great colour.

Unfortunately, the pink is an entirely different story. Different pigments have to be made differently depending on the desired colour, and I could tell that from just opening the dye container. The pink was a much different consistency to the purples, more like hand soap or shampoo than a dye. The purples were highly pigmented, looking more like a thick ink. The pink, in comparison, didn't look as great and actually seemed very watery. I was sceptical about putting it on my hair and as to whether it would work or not - and I was completely right. This colour did not take at all. I'm not sure why? It could just be that the blue pigments left in my hair wouldn't let it take too much, or just that the dye was not great quality - and I'm going with the latter option.

There is a kind of noticeable change in the colour where I put the pink, it's a little more mauve than the violet areas, so it seemed to have worked a little bit, but certainly not how I'd want it to.

Overall I'm quite happy with how my hair looks, I like the purple ombre effect that I have going on, but next time i will be looking for a different pink dye to bring that pink out a lot more and get the exact desired look that I'm going for.


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