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Halloween SCHC Style

I haven’t done anything to celebrate Halloween in years and every year it puts me in a mood because I love dressing up and hate the fomo. This year I finally had something to do for Halloween thanks to Wounded Media! They put on a great hardcore show for local bands and it was a complete mates fest, I don’t think I’ve had that much fun at a show in ages. I got to dress up as Beetle Juice and take photos for the night – so big thank you to them for having me!

We opened up the night with Pretty Vile – a two-piece punk band who I love entirely. This was my first time getting to see them play, but I’ve seen them at other shows in the crowd and you can see their attitude just from that, never mind having them on stage in the spotlight. They feel refreshing to me, something completely different from any other band in Birmingham. Even other punk bands, no one seems to bring the energy that Kit and Erin do. There’s never a dull moment, even between songs they’re chatting shit like the rest of us aren’t even there, like they’re completely wasted, and life is grand. They were on paper an odd fit for the otherwise heavy line up to come after them, but knowing that they would bring everything to that stage I disagreed every time someone said the didn’t get it – they just hadn’t seen them play yet, and they would get it when they did. And they proved me 100% right, what a great way to open the night.

I’m very much looking forward to working alongside Pretty Vile in the future and can’t wait to see what mischief they get up to next. You can find Pretty Vile on Instagram here and Spotify here.

Up after Pretty Vile was our first hardcore band of the night Loose Ends. This was their second ever time on stage, but people were already excited to watch them. They were commended several times by several different people for being the heaviest of the night and putting everyone in the right mood to kick people in the face. Now with a full set to perform and a cover, the now fully formed Loose Ends played a sick set. Their Shattered Realm cover, a special addition, saw so many mic grabs that frontman Chris barely got a look in. With their EP in the works they’re a band you really need to keep an eye on, so get over to their socials ASAP (twitter, Instagram).

Next to the stage was Reckless Harm. I saw them play their first show a few weeks ago (which you can read about here) and while they did themselves proud, they did leave a little more to be desired. As I said, I was looking forward to seeing the young band progress – and even though they haven’t upped their member numbers yet, they’ve managed to up their game already. That heavy element that wasn’t entirely delivered last time has been slipped right in there and now just needs beefing up to get it just right – but that will come with new members. It made me so happy to see the crowd getting involved this time and you could see it on the band's faces that they felt exactly the same way. I particularly enjoyed their Star Wars costumes and watching Tom float around the stage in that robe thing was hilarious. You can find their single on Spotify and their Instagram here.

The next band that I saw perform was Baddreams. I’ve never seen them play before but knew that it’d be a good set. I was not disappointed. Baddreams do not describe themselves as hardcore, rather as a post-hardcore band, but with their heavier elements, they’re almost treading that line and so fit right in on the lineup. They’re definitely somewhat of a local favourite and that was certainly reflected in how many people knew the words and were swiping the mic off Sam. Sam ended the set crowd surfing, the most physical any frontman got with the crowd all night and it really showed how much love there was for the band in that room. You can find Baddreams over on Instagram and their latest single here.

The last band I watched was Mantlet, a much-loved hardcore band from Coventry. I’ve only seen Mantlet play once before but didn’t really know much about them at the time. I enjoyed it the first time around, but this time I really got to appreciate them properly. The crowd was much more hyped up this time as well, and a lot bigger. When I say Mantlet are much loved, I’m not over exaggerating. They’re rising through the local ranks very quickly, and with the release of their new EP and shows being booked across the UK, I’m expecting them to go far in the scene. Their authentic underground hardcore sound is refreshing in a sea of heavily metal influenced hardcore knocking around. The crowd went hard for Mantlet, I had to shove myself in a corner in front of the stage to get some decent photos and try my best not to get clarted in the process. Keep your eyes peeled within the next week for another post about Mantlet…

You can find them on Instagram and their new release here.


Thanks again to Ethan and Wounded Media for having me out! It was a great first show, well bloody done! Check out their Instagram to keep up to date with their upcoming shows!


If you’re a small band, promotion company, record company or gig photographer (especially local to the Midlands) drop me an email -which you can find on my contact/pr rage- or dm me on insta and we can chat about working together!

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