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Island Tour: Animal Crossing New Horizons

Hi guys!

Like what seems to be the rest of the world, over lockdown I’ve been very productive in one area of my life, and only this area of my life – Animal Crossing New Horizons.


I started the game a few days later than everyone else, as I didn’t pre-order it, but I’ve been sweating it ever since. I recently hit 50 days straight of gameplay with no time travelling, so I thought I’d share some of the prettier places on my island. It’s only a 4-star island and I don’t even have a basement to my house yet, but I’m slowly working on it. I find it hard to find inspirations for new areas of my island that don’t require really complicated terraforming or the movement of all of my buildings so let me know how you find yours! And send me photos of your islands over on twitter!

This is my island map just so you all know where everything is.

My Island Entrance

Let us start with the first thing you see as you get off the plane and enter my island. Creating a beautiful entrance has been a big part of making your island 5 stars, and mine has changed quite a few times. First I simply had pink flowers along this walkway. Pink is my favourite colour and so, of course, it had to take centre stage for setting the tone for my whole island. Then, once I got terraforming I created two waterfalls either side of the entrance to make it feel grand, but as I built up my main town area they ended up simply taking up space that I needed in the end. I was also seeing a lot of towns that did exactly the same and wanted to do something a little different. After a browse on Pinterest for a few ideas I settled on my current entrance. I knew I still wanted elements of it being built up so I could keep some water features in there, but also needed that space. To compromise, I built up the left side and kept the right low. It works well so that when you enter, you’re immediately drawn to turn right into my main town area.

Main Town

Speaking of my main town, as you continue up the path towards the fountain and turn left, you come straight to my town hall and plaza. I’m pretty annoyed that I can’t move it because it's not in the place that I’d now have it. If I’d have known that and properly planned my island, I would’ve made it parallel to my airport and entrance.

To the left of the plaza is Nook’s Cranny. I wanted to keep all the shops in the same area to create the feeling of a town. It also makes my morning routine easier as I don’t have to run across the whole town to get my fossils assessed and then back to sell ones I already have and then somewhere else to see what’s new in the tailors. I’ve tried to make it as pretty as possible with its own little flower beds and water surrounding it almost like a moat.

Able Sisters is directly behind Nook’s Cranny. It also has its own flower bed and tiny moat, but I’ve also made it a little more pretty with some bushes (I forget which ones because they’re not yet flowering as they’re not Azaleas). I’ve also displayed three of my custom dresses – none designed by me, just found on twitter – which includes a Princess Peach dress!

The museum is in front of Nook’s Cranny and right by the beach (how relaxing for Blathers). I’ve also tried to give this a grander entrance without building up the area, so it still keeps in with the rest of the town. Instead, I’ve added some floor lights, more flower beds and my model of the atlas moth to entice you in to see the real beast.

To the left of the museum I have a sweet little café! I love this little area. I have a boombox on one of the tables which sometimes attracts my villagers to sing along. When they do I have the perfect place to sit and enjoy the most wholesome experience you will ever have.

The right of that I had a small patch of grass which I didn’t really know what to do with. After browsing Pinterest and Reddit for some ideas, I decided to make this a little flower patch! Here I keep one of each colour of each flower. I’m still yet to grow some of the rarer colours, but I have kept back room for those when I do achieve that!

Then, to the right of that, in front of the plaza and directly to the left of my entrance I have my marketplace. This is for trading, so it easy to find for my visitors. I collect things that I get given by villagers or find around the island that I do not want here and then take a photo and post it on twitter. Anyone who wants to trade can dm me for my dodo code and trade me an item from their inventory for one of mine. It’s a great way to get things I don’t have DIY recipes for yet or different variations of things that I do have. You can follow me on twitter to see when I open my gates and see what I’m trading.

My House

So, this is my little house. I have every room except the basement as I’m still in debt to Tom Nook over 1 million bells. I have plans to make it a game room/chill room/ den sort of area when I do get one, but for now, let’s start at the top and we’ll work down shall we.

My Bedroom

Naturally, I made the biggest room in the house my bedroom. I wish my actual room was this big, my insta game would be unbeatable. Again, naturally, it’s pink. Who could’ve guessed? For a while, my bed was actually a hammock (which is now in my garden) but I got this cute bed out of a balloon so, winner. I also got the matching chair out of the sky too. My bedroom is basically split into three areas; the main wall which includes my bed area and clothes area, to the left I have my dressing table and to the right my writing desk. I also have a cycle machine to make it seem like I like to exercise and fairy lights above my bed just like I do in real life.

Living Room

Downstairs, and as you enter the house, my main room is now my living room. I remember when it was a tent. Ahhh. I have a little reading nook, my favourite fishes, a tv area and my retro stereo. I was very excited to realise that the TV actually plays the news and tennis and you can sit and watch. Love it. I have various wall decorations including all my housing association plaques and the fake art of the girl with a pearl earring which I bought without realising said pearl earring was now a silver star. Bloody Redd. It’s not really done yet, I haven’t quite figured out a cohesive decorating scheme, but as I get better furniture it’ll come together much better.


To the back is my kitchen. I think the lack of kitchen worktops is the bane of everyone’s animal crossing life, so apart from my appliances and my diner worktop island, everything is on tables. I’m planning on moving the washer and freezer down to the basement once I get that for more room. My favourite part is my pink tiles – I’d love a pink kitchen when I get my own place. Essentially my animal crossing house is a blueprint for my own place.


To the right of the main room is my bathroom. I originally had the kitchen and the bathroom switched, but they seemed to fit nicer this way around for some reason. I don’t know, maybe it was door placement? Anyway, I really do love this tile pattern, so I’ve used it in here too. My newest addition is the Taurus bathtub! I’m a Taurus so I had to make this as soon as Celeste gave me the recipe and replace my long bathtub. The colours in here really work well and I think I was a great interior designer this time around.

Music Room

To the right of the main room I’ve made a little music room. My boyfriend is a guitarist and if he could have a room for all of his various forms of guitars he definitely would – so I made him one on here instead. On the wall I have canvases of three local Birmingham bands – one of Loose End’s new EP, one of Blossom & Burn’s new single release and one of Baddream’s logo because their artwork wasn’t recognisable on the canvas.

And that’s all my rooms. The outside of my house makes me feel like I’m living in a cute colourful fairy-tale village and it’s probably my favourite bit about the house.

I also made myself a little back garden area with a pool and bbq. I moved the hammock that was my bed out here, and I also have a poolside lounger – one for me, one for a friend. These pansies really bring nature back into a space which is mainly patio area.

Other Cute Areas on my Island

Planting Cliff

Directly behind my house, I’ve built up an area of land which holds all my planting and growing stuff. As you go up the log staircase directly on the right is an area where I grow my money trees. After planting, they each take 4 days to mature and produce the bell bags, so I have 4 planting spaces. Each day I dig up the 1,000 bells from the glowing hole, I create another money tree, remove the one that has produced the bell bags on that day and plant the new one in its place. That means every day I get easy money.

Directly behind that, I have a stargazing area. On nights with shooting stars, I can come here to have the best view and make sure I collect as many as possible. It was originally in this spot before I terraformed the cliffs, so I made sure to leave enough space for it to be incorporated. I think it’s also pretty cute to have somewhere pretty to sit surrounded by all these growing and gardening features.

To the left of the log staircase is my plant nursery. I saw this on r/AnimalCrossingTours and instantly knew I had to make my own. I largely just copied the design from the post, but made a few differences including the hedging and of course customising the stalls and chairs in the way that I want. This took me a few days to build up with having to repurchase a lot of the plants as well as the chairs, but it's my favourite area that I’ve completed so far.

Across from that and to the left of the stargazing area is my turnip patch. Turnips can not be held in your home storage, and so to keep them from taking up space in my pockets and from making either space in my house or around the island look untidy, I created this little patch to leave them in. I had sold my turnips for the week when I captured these photos, but they look really cute when dropped in lines along the dark soil pattern. I do have space on the right to expand this if I buy more turnips than will fit, but these will fit 8 lots of turnips.

And finally, the biggest section and all the way to the left is my orchard. Here I have planted 4 of each type of fruit tree (not including coconuts, of which I have at least one of each on all three of my beaches) for easy access to the fruit should I need it for a DIY recipe. It also means that I will always have 12 of each fruit to hand at any time (DIY recipe’s usually call for 10) and I don’t have to go running around my island trying to remember where all my orange trees are.

Redd’s Beach

My little planting cliff is just to the right of Redd’s beach. Like many others, I’ve tried to jazz it up a little for when he docks. The arch lines up with his plank for easy access. I want to build up the actual beach area to make it look a bit more pirate cove-ish once I get the recipe to create signposts so I can display a wanted poster for Redd, but for now, I only have paintings. Because of that, I’ve tried to jazz it up a little with these banners from the pocket camp special items to make it look more like a special entrance.

Bamboo Cliff

This area is to the right of Redd’s beach and is inspired by all the bamboo walks I see on r/AnimalCrossingTours. They’re often very calming and natural feeling areas of people’s islands and that’s the vibe I’m going for here. I have yet to finish it – I don’t have a butt load of stone recipes to make extra furnishings – but I do have a pond and a waterfall which feeds another pond on the area below and this stone arch. I’m wrestling with taking out the pond and placing my outdoor bath here instead, but that will have to wait until I decide what is happening on the area below.


I absolutely love my campsite. I saw a post (again on r/AnimalCrosssingTours) that someone had carved an area out of their cliffs to make the campsite more concealed and cosy feeling and so I did the same. I didn’t copy this one directly though, I just moved my current campsite features to the space I created in the cliff. I crated it a bit further in, so I also had to make a little walkway, so that when you emerge the other side it feels more like a completely different space. The entrance to the campsite has the camping sign out front, also from the special pocket camp items, which I feel makes it feel much more like a holiday park!

Bug Storage

To the right of my campsite and next to one of the beaches I have this bug storage area. This is where I keep 3 of each bug that I plan on giving to Flick to made models out of. I keep up to 6 different species at a time here. It means that for the rarer insects (like scorpions or the alexandra birdwing) I don’t have to hope I catch three on the certain days Flick visits, and I don’t have to have them take up space in my home storage. I got this decking design to make the area look a little more outdoorsy and fun rather than using the same floor designs over and over. I also display the models that flick has already made out here, apart from my atlas moth model which is displayed outside of the museum.

My villager’s houses are all in one area of my island as a little suburb. They all have their own flower beds, but I’m yet to really customise them fully. But this is definitely something that I want to do, so I will update you all on that when it is all done!


Thanks so much for checking out my Animal Crossing Island! Let me know what you think! A few days after writing this post I added a few more features and finally hit 5 stars! So keep an eye out for an updated tour of my newly 5-star island! Don’t forget to follow me on twitter because this is where I post everything related to my island and just my animal crossing experience in general.


Thanks for reading! You can follow my Instagrams here @cerys.taylorx & @ct.x.photos to keep updated with me, my work and when I upload my blog posts!

Cerys x

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