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I love love LOVE shoes. I own more shoes than I do any other item of clothing, and always have. I have a huge plastic box that is piled HIGH full of shoes.

I prefer boots and trainers, and I don’t own an abundance of heels because they’re waaaay too uncomfortable. Anybody else feel that? I like heeled boots and platforms, but not heels. I like to be comfortable. The only time I wear heels are for special occasions where I want to look extra bomb.

I also didn’t own any sandals until about a month ago. The heatwave that has recently hit the UK has left my feet sweaty in my trainers, so I decided I needed to get myself some sandals. It was hard to find a pair that I genuinely liked! I didn’t want anything flimsy or with a tag between the toes - my toes have ALWAYS gotten sore between the toes when I’ve ever worn flipflops or sandals with a tag, never had a pair that didn’t hurt me. I didn’t want anything sparkly or with pompoms or whatever, and I wanted them to be black so they’d go with pretty much everything.

After a lot of searching through the usual websites and also looking around on Depop and eBay, I finally found this perfect pair online! They’re by Koi Footwear (although I bought them through what I assume to be a sister site called Raniska, but they came in the Koi box and have the brand on the inside of the shoe). I’ve tried looking for them on Koi’s site, but alas, they are not there.

I never thought I’d love a pair of sandals, but omg, I love them! They’re bang on my style. I’ve had a pair similar to this in white before, but never wore them because white doesn’t go with everything in the way black does. I’m super happy with them! I'm used to new shoes rubbing me to start with, especially sandals, particularly on my heels and pinkie toe, but these have not left any blisters what so ever! They're also perfectly comfortable and easy to walk in - and I am that person who looks and walks like a baby giraffe in heels usually.

This is one of my most summery outfits now. The blouse is also in one of the popular cuts of the summer – boxy with big brown buttons - which I also love!

I’ve recently started coming out of my ‘must buy trainers’ phase and reverted a little back to my roots. I’ve been falling in love with a lot of platform shoes again. When I was 13/14 my life’s mission was to own a pair of New Rocks and a pair of Demonia boots. The problem is that they’re expensive, but they’re some of the best goth platform boots you can own.

Koi were the ones to reignite this love. I saw their adverts on Facebook and just ended up scrolling thought their website eyeing up like, EVERY pair of boots they have in stock. No joke. These were my favourites, and so next payday, they were the first thing I bought.

They’re both badass and cute! I like wearing them with frilled ankle socks which makes them look even more cute. They have a 3” heel and around a 1 ½” platform, so at 5ft 7 they make me feel like an unstoppable woman towering above most people. While wearing this outfit I had a lot of people staring - which I’m going to take as a good thing, it’s a real head turner. Again, these shoes haven’t given me any sort of discomfort at all. No blisters, no rubbing, and they’re the easiest things to walk in, I  don’t even fall or do that ‘snapped ankle’ thing (you know) at all – heels but comfy and easy.

Koi have quickly become my favourite footwear brand, and I’m sure I’ll be getting another pair soon! Don’t forget to check out Koi Footwear, you can follow the link in the post or the link down below in outfit 2 for the specific platforms.

All the details of both outfits are down below!

Outfit 1
Outfit 2

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