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London Edge 2019

On the 1st and 2nd of September I went to my very first blogging business/networking event. I’d never heard of London Edge before, but it seemed like a good opportunity and something fun to try out. Being a very small blogger, I was very nervous about talking to different brands in case my numbers weren’t suitable, but I though that either way it’d be good to both find new brands and have a bit of experience under my belt.

London Edge is an alternative fashion expo which showcases alternative brands from goth to pinup and all in between. The expo has largely been for brands to connect with larger retailers for wholesale but has recently opened its doors and invited bloggers and other influencers to connect with these brands as well.

Overall it was a good experience. I would’ve liked to connect with the other influencers more, unfortunately we arrived a little late on the first day and not may people showed up to the next day.

I’m going to run through my favourite brands that I found over the weekend (in alphabetical order) some of which I knew of before, some which I’d never heard of before.

Coexist Berlin

Can you guess where Coexist Berlin are based? Australia, spot on. Of course, its Germany! Silly. These were honestly the best brand at the expo for all your festival needs! A lot of PVC (which you need in the UK weather), and a lot of hand made and hand designed pieces. Ethical. If you want to stand out, these are a brand for you! So much better than wearing the same outfit from pretty little thing as everyone else.

Website: https://www.coexist-berlin.de/

Instagram: @coexistberlin

Cousins Collective

Cousins Collective specialise in traditional tattoo inspired designs, notably patches, pins and tote bags! They’re a small independent brand but with amazing quality products. I do love my pins (you can see my collection here) and so they caught my eye straight away. My favourite pieces from their showcase were their barbed wire tops which I will 100% be getting my hands on because I fell in love straight away!

Website: cousinscollective.com

Instagram: @cousinscollective


If you don’t know who grindstore are, are you even emo? Did you even go through a scene phase in high school? Did you ever read kerrang? Well, since then they’ve branched out from Asking Alexandria hoodies and even do super cute homeware and stationary now! Some of my favourite products on display were the mugs, water bottles and enamel cups with cute floral but edgy designs and one mug said “office goth” which is just me to a T. I’ve been looking for a new metal reusable water bottle and I think I know exactly where to go.

Website: www.grindstore.com

Instagram: @grindstore_official

House of Bats

House of Bats were undeniably one of my favourite stands of the weekend. Not only are her jewellery pieces goth af, they’re also hand made from recycled acrylic, with vegan faux leather straps, all her packaging is either recyclable or compostable and 10% of profits go to charity. Other brands need to take a recyclable page out of her book immediately. Even her flyers were made from recycled paper. And to top it all off she’s the nicest human ever? I literally don’t have anything bad to say. Her earrings are also stretcher friendly so you can wear them through your tunnels – no need to get your ears repierced! Top of my list to spend my money on.

Website: www.houseofbats.co.uk

Instagram: @houseofbats


Lamoda is another brand you’ve more than likely heard of. I already own a pair of shoes from Lamoda and owned another which I unfortunately had to throw away because I managed to ruin them (my fault, not the shoes). They started off with lots of affordable platforms which really made them stand out to me. You can be goth without spending upwards of £200 on brands like New Rock or Demonia. Unfortunately, I felt like they kind of fell off the alt trend when they began picking up sales, selling more heels and trainers than boots, and allowing brands like KOI Footwear to slide into that gap. However, their 2020 range is absolutely fucking gorgeous and they’ve obliterated KOI. I’m sorry, it’s true. If no one stops me I will be spending entire pay checks when these drop. They’re the punkest shoes I’ve seen from anyone in a long time and I spent a good amount of time their telling them to take my money.

Website: www.lamoda.co.uk

Instagram: @lamoda

Mary Wyatt

Mary Wyatt are a London based womenswear brand. They describe themselves as a brand that focuses on clothing with “a dark undertone” that is inspired by “tattoo culture and the heavy metal scene”. They take goth and make it wearable, but still edgy. I’d never heard of them before, but they were one of the best clothing brands at the expo and one to keep an eye out for and they grow, which is happening quickly. My favourite piece from them was a top that they’d designed to look like a death metal band tee, which I dig.

Website: www.marywyattlondon.com

Instagram: @marywyattlondon

New Rock

Who are New Rock? Dunno, never heard of them. I haven’t mentioned them already in this post at all. Okay, we all know who New Rock are, but that’s exactly why they still need to be on my list, because it’d just be rude to leave them off. I’ve been pining over new rocks since I can remember. I used to wear my dad’s pair when I was about six and just about be able to drag them across the floor. They were that pair of boots with the flames and they have left an imprint on me. I can’t wait to own my own pair one day and never take them off. They’re a staple in any goth’s wardrobe, and you’re just not a real goth if you don’t have a pair. But I am poor, so I don’t. Exposed.

Website: www.newrock.com

Instagram: @newrock

Saint Pierre

Saint Pierre were different from the other brands at the expo. They were much more northern roadman - but make it goth. This is much more up my alley than the big goth dresses and corsets from some of the other brands. I’m very much more street wear and skater style than the big Victorian frills. These are like a skater brand but make it high end. They were particularly lovely to talk to and a brand that I will keep my eye on.

Website: www.saint-pierre.co.uk

Instagram: @saintpierreltd

Steel Ground

Steel Ground are a Portuguese brand. Exotic. Their shoes were very much up the steam punk alley, and they even had little baby versions of their brogues which were adorable! They’ve also got a purely vegan line for those of us who still want to be edgy but ethical.

Website: www.steelground.pt

Instagram: @steelgroundofficial

Strange Couture

By far the brightest stand of the weekend. These aren’t a brand for anyone who wants to blend in, but if you want people to notice you then perfect! These are another overseas brand, this time based in Barcelona! Another festival ready brand, this time focusing on the neon’s. My favourite piece was the softest orange furry moto jacket! Could’ve slept on it.

Website: www.strangecouture.com

Instagram: @strangecouture


Toxico is another streetwear brand, but this time a bit more chill than Saint Pierre. Toxico print in house and by hand, the same way that they’ve been doing it since 1988. They feel very metal inspired and a bit more americanised which I enjoy. My favourite piece was a yellow crew neck jumper which looked like a cheer jumper.

Website: www.toxico.uk

Instagram: @toxico.uk

T.U.K footwear

This is a brand that I’d never heard of before but is a new favourite. Another chunky shoe brand, T.U.K have both vegan and real leather lines so whichever you prefer they’ve got something for you. My favourite pair were a pointed platform shoe, the best bit about them though were the spikes that they add. Its definitely what made them stand out from the other shoe brands. Their most popular design is definitely their creepers which I think are an underrated shoe. I particularly loved this little sign that they had which read “shoes made for bands, fans, punks and pin-ups”.

Website: bit.ly/TUK-SHOES

Instagram: @tuk_footwear


Make sure you go check out these brands if you think they’re a bit of you! You can also checkout everyone I visited and everything I got up to over the weekend on the highlight over on my instagram! Thanks to all the brands for being so lovely and thank you to London Edge for having me!

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