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My Boyfriend Explains Makeup

Hello everyone! This week I thought I’d do a challenge post. I’m sure you’ve seen lots of videos of boyfriends doing their girlfriend’s makeup over on YouTube (I did one myself a few years back), and that it what I took inspiration from for this post. In the videos, everything is given to the boyfriends – sometimes in order and sometimes not.

I wondered if, after 5 years of watching me do my makeup, my boyfriend Jonny had any idea what the products were, as well as if he knew how to use them or which brushes to use with them. So, I set him to the test. I laid out one of every item I would use to do a full night out face of makeup and we found out what he knew. (I will leave the item descriptions at the end of the post).

What He Said

1 – “You start with this – foundation. It’s like the base of your makeup, I think. It’s supposed to match your skin colour and be a base for the rest of your makeup. You use this thing to put it on. I can’t remember what it’s called… an egg. You use one of these eggs to put your foundation on” [pats it on his face]

2 – “Then you use this, which is a concealer. That is also supposed to match the foundation and also conceals any blemishes and stuff. You put that on your finger and rub it in – maybe also blend that with the egg again – the blending... thing. Blending egg.”

3 – “Can I change my answer? I want to go back before the concealer and use this. So, step no. 2 is to put this primer on. And I’m not sure what it does but it says it extends the wear of foundation, so I have a feeling that you put that on over the foundation maybe? I’m not sure how it goes on, but it goes on.”

4– “Then concealer.” [He then studies the pile of makeup I’ve put in front of him and picks them up to read so he can decide what is next]. “Okay, not that. Let sayyy, this.” [Picks up setting powder] “This is a complexion thing? So that’s what you put on like, your cheeks and stuff, and I have a feeling you use this brush for that. I’m pretty sure I’ve seen you use this brush with these little pots and you put it on like this” [waves the brush all over his face]. “I think it’s something to do with contouring? Maybe? I’ve heard that word.”

5– “So these are two different things?” [Points at highlighting palette and blush, highlight and contour trio]. “They look exactly the same!” [I then explain that the highlights are the same thing, but the other two pans are different, and he reads the highlighting palette]. “So this is highlighter, and you use this next. And I think you use… this brush? And you use this to highlight your cheeks – that does your contour right? Some colouring stuff.” [He swatches the highlighter] “Oh, this makes things shiny. Okay not that then. Ah!” [Picks up Revlon trio palette] “This! This is what I was thinking of. This is a contour kit and it makes the line by your cheeks which makes your face look really defined. I have a feeling you use a strong brush to get those lines, so, I think you use that one for contouring. The you use this one to get your highlights on, and your eyeshadowy things, and I think you use this brush. That looks like the right size. Or maybe this one. Can I go for both? I’ll go for both. “

6 – “Oh I forgot about this” [Opens morphe palette]. “These are all highlighters, right? No? What is this then? Shit. Okay. This is a colour palette, but I don’t know what it does. Maybe its an eyeshadow thing? I’m gonna put this next, with this brush. Why not.”

7 – “Next is eye primer, to keep it long lasting, like the other one. I guess that’s a similar thing. Does that have a brush? No, okay.”

8– “What’s this? Mascara. And this is also mascara. So these are mascaras. This one has black ink like normal, but this one is clear. I’m not sure what to make of that. Right.” [He then reads everything that’s left and picks the brow pencil, black liner and nyx liquid liner up] “I think those are all eyeliner. You draw around your eyes with them. To make your eyes look bigger.” [I then asked him which liner goes where] “They’re not optional?! Okay, I think the pen goes all over, the pencil goes on the hood of your eye, on the top of the lid. And this one is another pencil. The pen does the flicks for the wings. I think I’ve got that right.”

9 - “So now we’ve got mascara. You put the black one on first, and then the clear one to give it the shine. Then you crimp them. “

10 – “Then all these go in the bin. You don’t need them. Throw them away because I have got this completely right.”

11 – “Then lipstick, and it has its own brush on the inside. You go like this” [puckers his lips and demonstrates putting on lipstick] “to put it on. And then you are all good and ready to go.”

In the end, his finishing order is this:

Jonny’s Pro Full-Face Makeup in 12 Steps

1) Put on foundation using your egg (otherwise known as a beauty blender)

2) Put on primer – somehow.

3) Put on concealer using your fingers and blend it using the egg.

4) Setting powder - using the correct brush, congrats Jonny. Nothing to do with contouring though I’m afraid.

5) Use the contour pan in the trio palette to contour using a flat foundation brush

6) Highlight using an angled brush stained with blusher

7) Do your eyeshadow look, using only the morphe highlighting brush

8) Prime your eye using eyeshadow primer

9) Eyeliner. Liquid to do your flicks, pencil to do your lid. Eyebrow pencil for eyes is optional.

10) Mascara. Black one first, then clear to make your eyelashes shiny.

11) Crimp your eyelashes using the curler

12) Lipstick to finish the look.

At the end asked him if he wanted to guess where the "binned" brushes are meant to go. He puts the spoolie brush with the mascara, the eyeshadow brushes with the morphe palette and the contour brush with the contour, highlight and blush trio palette.

Apart from completely missing out anything to do with eyebrows completely, not knowing what an eyeshadow palette was and not including blusher, he did reasonably well. He later realised that primers go on first, not after other products, which now makes sense to him because they are called primers.

Overall, I would not recommend booking Jonny for any of your makeup needs, much less for special occasions, but he still deserves a pat on the back for effort.

A big thank you for Jonny letting me do this to him! You can follow him over on twitter @jonnyxprice and on Instagram @jonnyxprice.


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Products (in order shown)

  • Nyx Can't Stop Won't Stop Foundation - Light Porcelain

  • Kat Von D Lock-it Concealer - L1 Neutral

  • Max Factor Facefinity All Day Primer with SPF20

  • Rimmel London Clear Complexion Clarifying Powder - Transparent

  • Makeup Revolution London Ultra Sculpt & Contour Kit - Ultra Fair

  • Lottie London Shimmer Squad Powder Highlighter Quad

  • Morphe 35M Boss Mood Artistry Palette

  • Collection Primed & Ready Illuminating & Reviving Eye Primer

  • NYX Matte Liquid Liner - Black

  • Essence Long Lasting Eye Pencil - Black

  • Rimmel London Eyebrow Pencil - Brown

  • NYX Worth The Hype Mascara - Black

  • Natural Collection Mascara - Clear

  • NYX Lip Lingerie - Exotic

Brushes (in order shown)

  • Real Techniques Miracle Complexion Sponge

  • Lottie London Powder Power Brush

  • Studio London Foundation/Concealer Brush

  • Medium Angled Holographic Brush - Primark

  • Morphe Pro Pointed Blender Brush - M501

  • Eyelash Curler - Primark

  • Morphe Pro Firm Blending Fluff Brush - M433

  • Morphe Oval Camouflage Brush - M224

  • Morphe Spoolie Brush - MB28

  • Medium Angled Butteryfly Brush - Unknown set

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