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My Christmas List 2018

Everyone has a christmas list. When you were younger you might have written a letter to Santa or have gone through the Argos catalogue with a marker pen. I used to find what I wanted in the Argos catalogue and write it down in a table with it's name, price and identifying number - you know, so it's easier to get. Of course.

Now I'm 19, I don't write letters to Santa anymore, but, thanks to Pinterest, I still have a christmas list! It makes it much easier for family members to actually know what you'll like, rather than them buying you socks or gift cards for random shops you don't shop at.

All you need is a Pinterest account and an internet connection. Simple!

Once you've created a board you can add other people to it so they get direct notifications when you add another pin, or you can follow each other and just snoop whenever you feel like it!

My board is called "Want" - because I am obviously very creative. You can follow me on Pinterest to check out my other boards full of ideas like work out routines that I'll probably never do and recipes that ill probably never make.

For the rest of this post I'm going to share with you a few things that are on my christmas list (and pinterest board) this year! All photos are linked to shop the product yourself.

Happy holidays everyone!


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