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My First Roll of Film

I’ve been wanting to try out film photography for a while now. I bought a reusable film camera and some film in February to take on holiday to Mallorca, turns out the camera didn’t work, and my film turned out completely blank. After that I decided I didn’t want to buy a second-hand camera for a while, in case I end up wasting even more money. I also thought about buying an Instax. Instax cameras are cute, but also very expensive, as are the film packs for them.

I tried looking into getting a disposable camera instead. I looked at some on Amazon, but then I’d have to buy the camera AND pay for the film to be developed separately. So, I popped down to my local Max Speilmann to take a look. It turns out, for £12.99 you get the camera and they’ll develop the film for free since you bought from them directly. So I did that.

I bought it in time for Slam Dunk in May but didn’t even use half of the film up that day - so I’ve been taking other photographs here and there as well. It took another whole month, but I finally filled the roll of film and now I can share them with you!

As I said, I bought the camera to use at Slam Dunk. However, I’ve never really used one before, so I didn’t know how ANYTHING would actually turn out. I found out that the photos from the inside stages did not turn out so good… you literally can’t see the stage because its too dark. I was advised when buying it to always use it with the flash, even when outside in broad day light, so every photo is taken with the flash on. Unfortunately, this flash only illuminated the back of people’s heads. So that was lesson number one.

Lesson number two way to pay more attention to where my fingers are – quite a few photos came out with the finger in the corner (but that’s fine it looks edgy right?) Also, pay more attention in general. I managed to take this lovely photo of two people’s butts while in the crowd and I had absolutely no idea until I had them developed.

Apart from that, the rest of my photos came out really well, so here they are!

Slam Dunk:

Fullshore @ Redrum Stafford:


Other Random Bits:

If anyone has any tips or tricks for my please let me know in a comment below! I will be getting another one and any way to get better photographs I’m 100% up for.


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