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My New Beauty Favourites

Recently I’ve really been getting back into makeup. I don’t think I’ve been this enthusiastic about makeup since I was 12 and just started figuring out how to makeup (I mean it ended up with me wearing orange dream matte mouse foundation for about a year, but we dot talk about that.) I’ve also never really watched any sort of makeup gurus on YouTube before, and yet suddenly I’ve watched pretty much all of James Charles’ videos and am a self-proclaimed sister.

The first thing I added to my daily makeup routine, I actually added in around September (before I started watching makeup gurus, so I can’t blame this one on them). I have very fair skin and I was just finding that all the drug store makeup brands that I tired either didn’t have a shade of concealer or foundation light enough for my skin, or the shades were alright at first, then oxidised and make me look like a traffic cone. So, I (reluctantly) started looking at more expensive brands. I’d heard rave reviews of Kat Von D’s new range, specifically good things about how the range of light shades was crazy good, so I went to my nearest Debenhams and got matched – Light 44 Cool foundation and Light 5 Neutral concealer.

The concealer is actually perfect. It’s full coverage but also light weight! It doesn’t take lots of effort to cover blemishes, it the exact shade for my skin tone and it stays all day. I work in a sweaty, oily environment and it holds up pretty well there too. Its my favourite item in my makeup bag now.

The foundation however I don’t think is as great. It might just be that I need the shade lighter, but I find after a few hours it seems to oxidise a bit on my skin. Its HEAVY coverage – which is great if you’re going for a full glam look, but not great for just running general errands or for working in warm, oily environments like I do. I’ve tried mixing it with primer (1:1) and that brings the coverage down – although its still great coverage, just doesn’t feel as heavy on the skin. I use this method every now and then, but I still think the concealer is a better tone match, so I generally tend to just use this as a foundation. It means I have to repurchase more often, but its still as often as I would have to with a low coverage drugstore foundation.

When I bought the Kat Von D foundation and concealer, I also looked into getting a primer. I didn’t want to get the Kat Von D stuff if I could help it (I’d just spent almost £50 on two products) so I set out to find a good water-based primer. I’d never used face primer before, but I’d seen beauty tip videos mention the silicone/water-based tip. I think, to this day, EVERY drug store primer I’ve picked up is silicone-based - which is no good to use with the water-based Kat Von D range - apart from this Max Factor Face Finity All Day primer with SPF 20. It seems to do its job; my concealer always stays all day and I haven’t had a burnt nose all summer so. At £10.99 I really can’t complain. The glass packaging makes it feel more high end too, although it does make getting the very last bits out very hard.

I’ve always liked lipstick more than any other makeup product, and I’m partial to a bold lip colour rather than a nude. When I first got my student loan, I decided to treat myself to a blue lip shade. I had seen a lot of looks with blue lips on Instagram and got inspired. I chose this NYX Liquid Suede Cream Lipstick in the shade Jet Set. I also think I want to get it in the shade Stone Fox too. I love it. Its not streaky nor is it sheer. Its got great pigmentation for a £7 lipstick. I already had some NYX Lip Lingerie shades, so I had high hopes for the Liquid Suede lipstick, and I was not disappointed.

I blame James for my sudden enthusiasm for makeup entirely. Okay, maybe also Jeffree Starr, and we’ll probably have to blame Shane Dawson for getting me back into actually watching youtubers again with his amazing mini series’. So yes, I blame my sudden increase in spending on these people.

After watching James and Jeffree, I decided to try out beauty blenders again. I tried them once before, but I didn’t really know how to use them, nor did I have a good quality one (just a cheap one from some store’s own brand brush set) and just decided they weren’t for me. This time I was more clued in and bought the real techniques sponges after watching some review videos and deciding it was a good shout. I think I’m still trying to get to grips 100% with it – I’m very used to using brushes. However, I do like it this time round. I think it works much better when I’m putting on my full coverage foundation – brushes tend to leave that rather streaky. However, I think when dealing with my ‘just concealer’ days, I’m going to stick with my brushes. The beauty blender doesn’t seem to get into my (quite large) pores very well unless I use more product than I usually would. All in all, I’m happy to have this new addition to my collection, even if it’s a few years after everyone else!

James has also got me into Morphe. A lot. Code James for 10% off sisters. This isn’t my first Morphe palette, I have one - the 25A Copper Spice palette – which was my favourite palette before I bought the 35B. I wanted some brighter colours since I only had natural tones in my small collection, and have eyed this one up before, just not been too enthusiastic and spent my money on things other than makeup instead. I love, love, LOVE this palette. Omg, why am I only delving into this world now? It amazing. I’ve been trying out some rainbow looks with it lately and the colours are so pigmented and vivid and blend so well, I’m now looking to buy another Morphe Palette, and I haven’t even had this one 2 weeks.

I didn’t have a good range of eyeshadow brushes before this, so I decided to follow some of James’ advice from this video and get some brushes. I picked up 2 M224 brushes, a M506 brush and a M433 brush. I also picked up James’ favourite brush for highlighter, the M501 brush. These brushes and my palette came to £47 – bargain!

All I can say is that they’re amazing brushes. They feel amazing on the eye, in the hand and they perform great too. Blend, blend, pack, blend. I’m having great fun with all my new Morphe stuff I must admit. 11/10 would recommend these brushes to anyone, especially if like me you’re just starting out.

So, those are my favourite additions to my makeup collection! If you want to check any of these items out, just click the links in the post!


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