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My Rihanna Coat

This coat is my most interesting coat. It’s one of the few items in my wardrobe that have an interesting story behind them. Most clothing items are just “oh yeah that’s nice so I bought it” or they’re presents or thing I bought to make myself feel better after a bad day, but this one is so good I'm going to share it with you.

So, this coat. This coat is a vintage Donnybrook coat from the 1980s. Donnybrook aren’t a brand that I’d ever heard of before, and when you google them, not much comes up. From what I can see they produced faux fur coats during the 1980s and didn’t do much (if anything) else. They pretty much disappeared for a while from what I can see, but recently their coats have become a desirable name again. Mostly, the one I own.

I think, this resurgence was because of Rihanna. She was spotted wearing this in 2015 and all of them available online were snapped up pretty quick, assumedly by people looking to steal the celebrity’s style (as the magazines would say).

I didn’t know any of this until a few months ago. This coat was bought for me by my Gran for my 18th birthday – she says she found it in a charity shop for quite cheap and thought of me so snapped it up. She says that he had no idea about the coat’s origins either, just thought it looked snazzy.

When I opened it, I didn’t really fall in love at first sight. It has shoulder pads (as everything did in the 80’s) and I hadn’t really got into the groove of wearing such bold patterns yet, so it got hung up in the coat closet and unfortunately, forgotten about for a while.

Last year wasn’t amazing financially, so I’ve been using my Depop quite frequently – clearing out my stuff for a little extra money where I can get it. I remembered that this coat hadn’t ever been worn so I took some photos of it to put up so I could sell it – thinking maybe £30 max?? I thought I should research the brand and see what other coats from them are on sale for to get a better idea of what I could sell it for.

And I found a few listings. FOR £300-£500 PER COAT!!! I. Was. Shocked. How had I owned a £500 designer coat for over a year and not realised? So, I did a bit more digging and found out Rihanna owns the same one. I own the same coat as Rihanna??? Rihanna. The Rihanna. And it resales for up to £500. And my gran found it at a charity shop.

I had to sit for a good few minutes to process this information. Then after that I told everyone I knew because I was so excited.

I still haven’t worn it though, only for these photos. Although it is an amazing coat it’s a posh coat and I both don’t want to ruin it and wasn’t entirely sure the padded shoulders would suit me. However, taking these photos I’ve decided I look pretty damn great, and maybe I should wear it a bit more often.


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