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New Ink

In October and November last year I gave into temptation and got two more tattoos. It’s true what they say, it’s an addiction.

I’ve not taken any cool photos to show them off yet because they hadn’t properly healed and then the festive season suddenly crept up on us all, but you may have seen them over on my Instagram or on my stories a few times. These were my 3rd and 4th tattoos. I got my first two done in May 2017 at the same place as my new ones, and my second one done in January 2018 at Tattoos at 58 (both of which you can see in this post here).

I’m super happy with how these turned out! I got them both done by the lovely @danibugxo at signature tattoos. The flower in the heart on my leg was her own design and I got that one done first. It was posted as part of her flash photos over on their Facebook page and as soon as I saw it, I messaged to book in. I was at Ikea at the time trying to make sure my signal was strong enough to keep connected to the 4G.

I got the GRL PWR tattoo on the same day that I had booked to do a touch up for my leg tattoo. I’d seen this done a lot as a tattoo in several places on the body on Pinterest and tumblr many moons ago and I’ve always loved it. Once I had booked my leg tattoo the addiction kicked back in and I just wanted more ASAP, and this one was small and so would be cheap too! Perfect to fuel the fire.

I don’t think I've ever bled as much a I did when I had the leg tattoo done! In the 20 minutes from being wrapped to be getting home to wash it, the cling film was disgusting. I was not expecting it to look like id just unwrapped a raw steak, but it totally did! Luckily, now it’s beautiful, and I’d definitely recommend following Dani over on Instagram and booking in with her if you like her work!


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