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Obsessed with Checks

Hi, I’m Cerys, and I‘m obsessed with the check trend.

Fine! I admit it! I got too deep in the check trend and now I don’t think I can get back out. I’ve fallen into a big checked black hole and I don’t want to come out the other side.

I didn’t notice until I started my 21 buttons account, but all of my favourite outfits have at least 1 item of clothing that is checked. I have 3 checked skirts, like, 7 pairs of checked trousers, 2 pairs of checked shoes, a body suit, a bag and even a pair of pink check dungarees. When on earth did I spend that much money?

It all started with my very first pair of Love Too True trousers. They were the Lydia classic trousers, a yellow with red and black tartan check and they are beautiful. I’ve since bought 4 more pairs from them, I can’t resist giving them my money, they keep dropping badass clothes.

Checks have ignited a love for patterns that I used to have when I was much younger. I’ve always had my own ideas of fun fashion. Up until about the age of about 8 I would pretty much only wear pink or purple. I remember having 2 pairs of cord trousers, one bright pink and one electric purple (I’ve actually recently bought another pair of pink cord trousers for the nostalgia). There are videos of me somewhere in a pair of pink check daisy covered cycle shorts and a pink barbie top. My mum loves to tell me a story about a disgusting dress that my Gran bought me at about age 4, which I adored and refused to take off, to the point where she had to hide it until I forgot it existed so she could get me to stop wearing it. I continued that strange sense of fashion up until my emo phase at age 14. Does anyone remember that time where patterned leggings were the thing? American flag print, moustaches, crosses, you name it, it was on a pair of leggings in 2012. I definitely had a few pairs myself and I regret everything.

When my emo phase hit it was easier to dress, because all I had were black jeans and band t-shirts. That was my style for a good few years – black jeans, a rotation of band t-shirts and either my one pair of Converse or my one pair of Dr Martens - extreme ripped jeans were the furthest I went with experimentation. I branched out a bit with my hair instead and started dying it bright colours. Now, I have bright hair and bright clothes.

I’m not worried about people looking at me anymore. Of course, I still clock those people who give me funny looks but they’re just boring ain’t they. I haven’t got time in my busy schedule to worry about people who wear leggings as trousers. I’m happy to be that girl in bright pink dungarees with bright pink hair – it’s much more fun. I’d like to thank checks for returning me to the fun kid who doesn’t care as long as I feel good. Of course, its not just check trousers that have helped me gain my confidence back – but that’s a whole other blog post.

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