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Single Review: I Don't Mind - Glass Ceilings

Who are Glass Ceilings?

Glass ceilings are a four-piece indie pop rock band from the west midlands. After releasing their first single back in February 2019 and their debut EP “LIARS” in April they are back with a brand new single “I Don’t Mind”. I got the pleasure of shooting the band as one of my first ever gig shoots back in November and did an interview with them which you can read here. The band are wonderfully professional on stage with not a foot or note wrong and I thoroughly enjoyed their set, they’re definitely one to be checking out right now.

The band have sent me their new single ahead of the release on 19.02.20 to tell you all what I think about it, so let’s dive in…

First impressions

Upon first listen to “I Don’t Mind” I instantly noted how relaxing it is. It’s a super chill tune that I could see myself vibing to in the summer as I drive through country lanes in the sun. The guitar tone is sharp and clear, very much the focus of the piece next to Lois’ vocals.

The Song

Despite the song being the usual 3 ½ minutes that you’d expect, it doesn’t feel that long when you’re enjoying it so much. I found myself a bit sad that it was over I was loving it that much. It starts off almost dreamlike, with the super sharp guitar fading in softly, and then the drums hit, and the song really begins. We’re instantly introduced to that chill guitar melody that is going to carry us through the rest of the song and then Lois’ vocals begin, straight in there with the song title. A very strong start. The lyrics of the song deal with feelings of allowing someone you love to take over even if it means that you push your goals and desires to one side for them. The guitar fades to the background as Lois sings.

But don’t worry! It’s right back for the chorus to get you bopping along. The chorus is undeniably catchy, I think by the third or fourth listen I could sing along, and it was stuck in my head for the rest of the day.

The second verse and chorus take a slightly different turn, commenting on how letting this happen can hurt you even though they’re happy.

After this we get an instrumental period, a chance for Jay to change up the guitar melody slightly and it gets a bit more intense before stopping abruptly and returning back to the melody we’ve previously been hearing. This might be mirroring the emotions of the song and displaying an argument or possible termination of the strained relationship. The song finishes with the key lines from the chorus being emphasised one last time over the key melody, almost reminiscent of the previous choruses.

Overall I really enjoyed this single and I can’t wait to play it while I’m driving or to hear what Glass Ceilings have for us for the rest of 2020! Don’t forget to check out the single on 19.02.20 or you can preorder it right now with this link.


You can find Glass Ceilings on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram. You can also listen to their other music on Apple Music and Spotify.

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