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Thoughts From a Train

So, I’m writing this while on the train down to London Euston. It’s a 3 hour journey so I thought this might take up some of that time - I haven’t bought my headphones because I thought I’d be able to chat to my boyfriend, but this train is so packed we’re sat opposite each other instead of next to each other.

We were supposed to catch a different train, one that wouldn’t take 3 hours, but only 2 instead. But, of course, that’s been cancelled. Midlands trains aren’t very reliable since West Mids Railway and London Northwestern took over. Apparently there’s some kind of staff shortage today, but we had no warning that the train was cancelled until we arrived at the station, it’s not even on their website.

We’re off to London to see Descendants. It’s also Jonny’s 21st birthday today, so this is technically part of his birthday celebrations.

3 hours is a long time, and I can’t wait to get off and stretch my legs already, and we’ve only been on here 25 minutes so far - out of the 140ish. I thought I’d write this and add to it as we go along, jot down some thoughts that might be running through my head as we ride along.

I’m writing this in my notes so I have no real concept of how long this post will be. It already looks quite long, but I’m sure that’s just because of the notes app, not because I’ve already wrote a novel. I’ve put a questions sticker up on my Instagram stories asking people to keep me company, but I’m not sure if I’ll get much from it, I never usually do.

1:20 - I have a packet of malteasers to eat, but I don’t want to eat them too early on. I’ve decided that I’m going to wait until at least 2, so then it’s about half way through. That’s another 40 minutes away.

I wish I had a foot rest or something, these 6 seater rows aren’t very comfy, especially with the train as packed out as it is. Even the over head racks are full so we’ve had to put our bags by our feet.

1:30- it feels very strange stopping at New Street and not getting off the train. I’ve been training it up to Birmingham 3/4 times a week for uni for the last two years, it’s odd to go on and do the rest of the journey instead of get off and start doing my own thing again.

1:40- there’s a couple sat opposite me and they’ve been taking it in turns to nap on one another’s shoulders. It’s very sweet, but all I can think is that I hope that he’s got a good setting spray on or his black jacket is going to be covered in foundation when they get off. He’s also got Christmas socks on. ITS AUGUST.

2:20- i'm having my malteasers now

2:30 - a mother and her kid have just sat down next to us, she’s not too young though so she shouldn’t annoy us the rest of the way there. She’s got a pastel blue, pink and purple, fluffy, sparkly bag and I think I need one for myself tbh.

2:45- Jonny is asleep, all my malteasers are gone

3 - I’m doing my best not to touch either person to each side of me, but when the train is taking corners I do slide into the guy on my right. Him and his friend interest me - they look like your average rugby lads, tanned, short shorts on, sports headphones in (the ones that sit over your ears too) - but they’re also sat reading books, which I wouldn’t peg them to be doing on a train. The guy sat next to Jonny is reading one about geography apparently, it’s got a map on the cover. I don’t know about the guy next to me, I can’t exactly look without seeming like a freak.

3:05- Jonny is not trying not to touch people, he is asleep and almost lying on the guy next to him

3:10- it’s been about 40 minutes since the little girl sat next to us and she is no longer the nice girl that sat down, but is now bored and can’t sit still or be quiet. She just made up a riddle that made no sense - something about an elephant. Her mum keeps telling her to stop asking annoying questions and to actually sit on her seat but she’s not listening in the slightest.

3:25 - we’ll be getting off soon. The mum has just told the little girl this and she thinks the last hour has gone by fast - despite moaning for the last half an hour about how bored she is. He mum said that she doesn’t think the people sitting around her will think it’s gone quick. She is correct.


We had a good weekend, here are a few photos!

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