Turning 20

It’s official – I’m no longer a teenager! This week I turned 20 and boy does it sound strange. I’m 20? Excuse me?

When I was younger, I thought I’d have almost everything sorted out by age 20 – I was going to be engaged by 21 and having babies by 25. I haven’t (and don’t want to) even moved out of my parents’ house yet and my savings account currently has £9.01. Unfortunately, that’s barely enough to buy a train ticket let alone put a deposit down on a house – although imagine the house you could get for £9 deposit, I don’t think I’d want to live there anyway. I’m looking forward to what my 20’s might hold but also not enjoying that the next milestone is 30. Absolutely not, kill me now. Although, they do say 30 is the new 20 so, who knows.

I actually celebrated my 20th – a step up from my 19th, which I am still bitter about. The celebrations were still nothing huge, but still something I am grateful for. I’ve eaten lots of sugar over this past week with all the celebrations and Easter, but a girl can never get enough chocolate or cake am I right? You know I’m right. That and gin, there was lots of gin. I spent my actual birthday shopping for plants in the sun wearing my new fitbit like an adult. I’m so grown.

To celebrate turning 20, I’ve created a list of 20 things I want to do in my 20’s – and I have a whole decade to do this! So, lets jump straight in.

1. Graduate

Hopefully this will happen next year. I’m just finishing my 2nd year of university, so if all goes well I will finish this time next year and actually get a degree!

2. Move out

Lots of people I know have already done this, mostly moving out for university and if not they’ve already got mortgages. I don’t plan on taking this step at least until I finish university, but this will hopefully still happen in my 20's (unless the political climate crumbles completely which it totally might)

3. Florida

Florida is going to happen. It will happen. I plan a good few weeks out there to do all the touristy things and come back twice as heavy with twice the amount of luggage.

4. Visit every continent

At least once. All 7. Even if it’s just for a couple of days. I’ve already got Europe checked off because I live in it so technically that doesn’t count - so the other 6 really.

5. Take a road trip

Ideally I’d like to do something huge like route 66, but even a beautiful Scottish road trip would be amazing. As long as I’m driving through pretty landscapes with people I love I’ll be happy.

6. Hot air balloon ride

I’ve always wanted to do a hot air balloon ride and every time I see one I get a little smile. This is one that is also on my mum’s bucket list so we can tick it off together.

7. Interrail

I looked at interrailing last summer and I wasn’t expecting it to be so pricey. It sounds like something they’d push for students to do, but students have zero money. Still, it’s something I’d like to do in the future once I do have some dollar.

8. Learn a new language

I know the basics of Spanish, and id like to refine that and become a lot more fluent. The goal is to be able to hold a conversation that isn’t just me ordering food. I also want to learn something in the realm of Dutch or Swedish because eastern Europe is the place isn’t it.

9. Go whale watching

Despite the bitter cold it will probably take to go whale watching it’s very high up on my list. Watching them on documentaries is mesmerising and I’d love to witness these majestic creatures up close in the wild.

10. Get my nails done

I have never ever had my nails done professionally. As soon as I started earning my own money I couldn’t get them done because of working with food and I haven’t changed jobs since. As soon as I leave (which is the plan, I have never planned to stay forever) I will be booking an appointment to get my nails done.

11. Volunteer

I actually find it pretty hard to find volunteering opportunities because of my schedule. If I’m not at university I’m working or I’m having time by myself or with my friends and family - so I don’t go insane. I want to do something like camp America or something similar in Asia for a summer and get to travel and volunteer all in one.

12. Go to a midnight movie screening

I thought about doing this for avengers endgame but never bit the bullet. Next time something exciting comes out I will be looking to get a midnight screening and blackmailing or bribing someone into doing it with me.

13. Stay in an ice hotel

This one I think I could only do for a night. I hate being cold, I’d definitely be too hot than be too cold so a night in a whole room of ice might not be a smart move for me, but I might like it – and even if I don’t I can still say I’ve done it.

14. Cliff dive

This has probably been on my bucket list since twilight new moon when the wolf pack does it. However, I’d rather do it into crystal blue waters or at least under the sun rather than in Portland in the rain.

15. Protest

I always see worthy protests on the news and I’m like “why didn’t I know about this?”. I’ve been getting increasingly politically involved too so it’s looking more and more likely as our planet falls apart and no one is doing anything about it.

16. Go to a Broadway show

I’ve been to pantos, but never to a proper on stage musical – despite living close to Birmingham hippodrome.

17. Go on a spontaneous trip

Not necessarily like jumping on a plane, even just a 2 hour drive to the beach or to a city or town I’ve never been to for shopping or exploring.

18. Pride

I’ve been wanting to go to pride for a few years, and with pride festivals now charging more and more each year just to celebrate the LGBTQ+ community I should probably get on this ASAP really.

19. Go abroad with friends

I’ve been on a camping holiday with friends, and I’ve been abroad with my boyfriend, but never with any pals so pals, get on this.

20. Fly first class

I know this will cost me an arm and a leg but I want to just do it once please.


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