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I’m not on Spotify so I can’t share what I’m listening to with you on there, I’m an Apple Music gal. I know, shoot me – came 3 months free with my iPhone and what was the point in stopping it just to pay the same on another app. Hassle.

Because of that, I thought id show you what I’m currently listening to here. If you like it, leave me a like and let me know and I can do this more often! Anyway, let's take a look.

Seamless – Higher Power

I was patiently waiting for new Higher Power music, and was very pleasantly surprised when they played this on their latest tour when I saw them in Stoke. Higher power have never followed the hardcore “rules” - so to speak – but they’ve taken it one step further and got emo with this new material. It sounds odd, I know, but trust me – it's great. It’s not something I ever would’ve thought would come next, but I’m glad it did. Even if you’re not a hardcore fan, if you’re into alternative music I’d always suggest you give Higher Power a listen.

Coma Culture – EP – Ill Vision

These are local bois. First time I saw them live I took the chance to grab merch and then saw them again a week later. They released their latest EP Coma Culture on the 13th of this month and it’s been one that I reach for quite a lot. I very much enjoy Matt’s vocal style - not trying to get that low, deathcore style pig squeal-ish vocals but doing his own thing. If you do get the chance to catch these live, then do. I think they’re even better than the recording of their latest EP, hits you so much more live. They’re taking the Birmingham hardcore scene by storm so keep your eyes peeled.

Love is Dead and We Killed Her – Doll Skin

I got the chance to see Doll Skin for the first time on their latest trip over to the UK with Trash Boat in Birmingham. All I knew about them beforehand was that they were a completely female band and that’s enough for me to be on board, so I went in optimistic – and I wasn’t disappointed. I downloaded the album soon after. It’s jammy yet Sydney’s vocals are soothing and the lyrics are powerful, feminist. My favourites off the album are Mark My Words and No Fear.

A Different Shade of Blue – Knocked Loose

This was a massively anticipated album. Often upcoming albums with this much hype behind them just don’t live up to it and disappoint – but this, this somehow smashed expectation and goes just as hard, if not even harder than their last album? Don’t drive and listen for the first time with this one, moshing while driving isn’t advised, and trust me you’ll want to. Knocked Loose get flack or being signed to hopeless and their fan base being a bit wider than the UK hardcore bands, but they are nails, big label or not.

People – The 1975

This caught me off guard. I was listening to radio one when they did the first play of this just before Reading and Leeds weekend. I’m not usually a 1975 fan and wasn’t exactly looking forward to listening but couldn’t be bothered to change channels – and I’m glad that I didn’t. This is so different but its much more up my alley. I love how punk it sounds, and I love love love the message that they’re spreading. I think more bands with such influence should be engaging with politics and encouraging their fans to do the same – and if you think that politics has no place in music then you’re just wrong and have clearly never really listened to revolutionary music properly.

Slide Away – Miley Cyrus

I used to love Miley so much that I wanted to be her. Hannah Montana was my childhood, but I never did much enjoy her wrecking ball phase. This new Miley phase seems to be doing her good though, because Slide Away is honestly the best thing she’s done ever. It 100% suits her voice and you can really hear that country influence, which is the best part of Miley in my opinion. She manages to work that county influence in with the pop and make it work so well in this single and it's just created the perfect song for her.

Touch Me Again – Petrol Girls

I had the pleasure of seeing Petrol Girls in Stafford a few months back on their tour with War on Women and oh my god did they speak to the feminist inside me. Their music is full of rage against sexism and homophobia, and they make a point of being a band that is inclusive of everyone and support the fight for trans rights and non-binary visibility. They make the place a safe space for all members of the LGBTQ+ community to let loose. I always reach for their single Touch Me Again. It just pumps me up with female power and energy and rage (in a good way) every time and then I’m ready to boss my way through anything.

Thin Ice – Guilt Trip

I do love a bit of Guilt Trip. This isn’t a new single but it’s my favourite of theirs and one to kick doors in to. I don’t have much to say about it other than its punchy af and I love it and you should listen to it.

Hope for the Underrated Youth – YUNGBLUD

I’ve not listened to much YUNGBLUD, I’m new to his music, but I very much enjoy this single. I’ve succumbed to the hype and this was the first one I found. I have downloaded his previous album to listen to within my upcoming free time so, the jury is still out on the rest of his music but this single, love.

Circles – Post Malone

Post Malone is one of my favourite artists ever, and Beerbongs and Bentleys was a full album of bangers. Hollywood’s Bleeding has not lived up to the previous album, but it’s singles are still jammy. The rest of it is just filler in my opinion. It’s okay, but following a 10/10 album it’s not being received very well. Circles I like – it would’ve been a chill hit for the summer it was released earlier.


Thanks for reading! Like I said, if you liked this give the post a like and I’ll do some more in the future!

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