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Christmas Gift Guide for Alternative Girls!

It’s officially the holiday season and it can be very difficult to think of things to buy as Christmas presents sometimes. As Christmas draws ever closer a lot of us tend to panic that we’ve not got enough, or that what we have got isn’t good enough and so I thought I’d kick it off with a small gift guide type post. This is a bit of inspiration for businesses -some of which you may know, some of which you may not - to check out if you’re stuck and looking to shop for something brilliant for the alternative girl in your life.

I am an alternative girl myself and I promise that I would love anything from any one of these stores!

House of Bats

*Gifted items*

House of Bats is a gothic acrylic jewellery store which I love. They first caught my eye at London Edge with their zodiac collection - which you can get in necklace or choker form. But that is not all that they do – they create amazing pieces which stay true to the gothic style.

Not only are these pieces gorgeous and affordable, but they are all made from recycled acrylic and the choker leather is 100% vegan leather. As well as this, 10% of profits from all sales are donated to the Sophie Lancaster foundation. It’s a truly ethical small business run by one woman alone, and we are all about female empowerment here.

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I’ve been obsessed with LTT for the last like, 2 years. They began with different coloured tartan trousers and have since branched out into skirts, dresses and even blazers and dungarees! I have 5 different pairs of their trousers and two dresses – a huuuuuge fan. They are also a female-owned company and they hand make all of their pieces in the UK. I will always recommend LTT to everyone whenever they give me the chance, so you know they had to be on this list!

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Cousins Collective

Cousins Collective are another brand that I found out about while at London Edge. They are also another small female-run business to continue the girl power! Cousins Collective primarily sell clothing, acrylic key chains and patches. As I write this, I’m currently wearing one of their Barbed Wire Embroidered t-shirts and I’d been waiting to buy this for months. In this restock they’ve also added different colourways including tie-dyes and also crew necks with the same design in blue, grey and purple to add to their current stock. They’re all brilliantly made and feel amazing and not like they’ve just been printed on Gildan and shipped – they feel like they’ve been made with care and comfort in mind. Definitely one to add to the wardrobe!

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Steel Tooth

Steel Tooth is a female-owned little Etsy store that sells handmade steel jewellery pieces based in Brighton, UK. They specialise in chains, chunky necklaces and also earrings! I came across Steel Tooth while trying to find a good trouser chain that wasn’t attached to a pair of cargo trousers from Missguided and they caught my eye with their chain necklaces! If she likes the chain jewellery trend, then she’ll love something from here!

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Lamoda is an online alternative shoe brand! Their latest line has brought out chunky and platform shoes with lots of buckles, studs and even chains. They’re returning back to their goth and punk roots after (in my opinion) veering off to more mainstream trainers and heels. I had my first pair of Lamoda shoes in 2015 – a pair of black platform ankle boots – and I currently own a pair of chunky checkered mary janes and dreaming of getting a pair from this new line!

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Mary Wyatt London

Mary Wyatt London is another brand I was introduced to at London Edge! They are an alternative, gothic womenswear fashion brand designed in London. They say that their brand was “born out of a relationship with contemporary tattoo culture and the heavy metal scene” and they focus on clothing and accessories with a “dark undertone” and in 2018 opened their very first store in Hackney. I love their clothes – they don’t just knock out a load of t-shirts, they have a full range of clothing that is beautifully designed including mesh bodysuits, skirts and coats! Definitely something to add something different to their wardrobe but still knowing they’ll love it!

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Collusion is an alternative fashion line currently only available through ASOS. They fall under the alternative wave of colourful and strangely patterned fashion. It’s alternative streetwear that catches the eye and doesn’t break the bank either! I found them through ASOS and really like their trousers (I’m a bit of a trouser fiend). Absolutely one to check out for those girls who like something different in their wardrobe.

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A lot of these other brands are clothing and jewellery, so I thought id finish with something guaranteed to be a hit – Lush! The eco-friendly bath bomb moguls are really your one-stop-shop for nice smelling bath stuff for you friend, significant other, mum, nan, you name it they’ll love it whoever they may be! Just make sure they have a bath at home if you’re going to get them a bath bomb! Every Christmas they bring back their Snow Fairy scent and every year I buy copious amounts of it because it’s the best scent that they do. Period. Last year I bought a naked shower gel just to keep next to my bed and smell it all year. I also recommend any of their bubble bars on sticks because they’re some of the easiest to use without overusing – means they last a lot longer!

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Thanks for reading! I hope that you'll check out some of these brands and enjoy them as much as I do!

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