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EP Review: MSRY - Loss

Who is MSRY?

MSRY describe themselves as a four-piece hardcore band from Oxfordshire. With basis Harvey joining vocalist Kial, drummer Keir and guitarist Charlie, the new line up are releasing the band’s second EP Loss following their last release Safety First in July of 2018 which received high praise from both Kerrang! and Metal Hammer. With shows with the likes of Employed To Serve, Cancer Bats and SikTh and plays by Iggy Pop on his BBC Radio 6 show under their belt, they are ready to take it up a notch with this new EP. Today is the EP’s release date (8/11/19) but I was lucky enough to get early access to the tracks!

So, let’s get into the review!

First Impressions

My first impressions of the EP are that I would personally categorise it as heavy post-hardcore rather than hardcore. Instrumentally it very much reminds me of a heavier Sleeping with Sirens or Story of the Year rather than the likes of Back Track or Expire. Kial’s vocals bring a large metal influence to it with that raspy shout so often found with post-hardcore and metalcore vocalists. Having said that, it definitely brings hardcore elements to the table including stomp riffs and two-step worthy sections. I feel as though it could be a great introduction or transition EP for someone already comfortable with post-hardcore to move through to the rawer hardcore genre. Overall, I think that the EP is very enjoyable and easy to listen to and will appeal to quite a wide audience with thee these genre crossovers and influences.

Song by Song


Gemini is the first and shortest song for the EP and it’s undeniably a strong opener. This song is one of the more hardcore feeling songs with a strong stomp riff throughout. Having said that, you can still certainly feel the metal influence that MSRY bring through the guitars in this, particularly with the opening riff that introduces you and winds you up ready for the rest of the EP. With a strong opener, we end the song on an equally as strong breakdown – possibly the hardest breakdown of the whole EP. Although it is the shortest song of the EP, I think this is one of my favourites for sure.

Still Breaks My Heart

This song is the chosen one to contain the feature from another artist – from none other than Liam Cormier of Cancer Bats. We start off with a clear metal riff, again bringing that influence to their music. We then go into a riff that I think every metal band has done at some point, but this brings an air of familiarity to this new band which may work in their favour for gaining popularity. The breakdown at the end of the song brings you back to that hardcore influence with the guitar tone dropping down low and becoming very simple again.


Imposter instantly has a new feel to it with a quicker tempo to the previous two songs which is perfect to twoey to – I can already see the legs kicking about in the pit. This continues throughout the verses, yet during the chorus, we move to a much more laid back, easy listening post-hardcore vibe, almost with an emo Basement type flare behind it. At this point, I’m enjoying all the different influences that MSRY are bringing to their sound, while also remaining primarily in that heavier post-hardcore realm. Similar to the last track we again end with a much heavier breakdown bringing that heavy hardcore element back into play as well.


Guilt continues where Imposter left off and is heavier than the last track. It continues to be a heavier tune with those stomp riffs that we heard in Guilt coming back in giving you a more pit worthy energy. The second half of the song feels much more metalcore than anything else. The guitar – while playing a stomp riff – has much more of a classic, treble-heavy metal tone to it. It’s a good blend of the two genres and very accessible for any alternative music fan.


Courage was my favourite from the first listen. It feels so much more hardcore to me than the other songs which all have extensive metal influences to them, and I’m very biased towards this sound. Similar to Imposter, the verses and choruses again have imposing characteristics. This time the verses are much heavier – even than the rest of the EP – yet the choruses bring back that emo influence. It reminds me of the style Higher Power’s Seamless has got with such big opposing sounds within the same song. I’m really here for this hardcore/emo mash-up. Courage is the song I see myself shouting back at Kial and bopping around the floor punching the air with both fists or finger gun grooving. It ends with that twoey rhythm making its last appearance so I can continue my grooving and leaves me with a good smile on my face.


Loss is a post-hardcore track through and through. It’s definitely something I would’ve had on repeat when I worshipped Sleeping with Sirens. It’s an emotion-filled track and you can really feel the angst, betrayal, hurt and confusion of dealing with loss coming through both the lyrics and the tone of the song itself (as the title suggests). The ending vocals pull on my heartstrings a lot as the instruments all fade out leaving just the vocals as if everything else in the world is disappearing to leave the vocalist completely isolated and alone. The desperation and sadness in Kial’s vocals really sets that off on the very last line of the song and of the whole EP, which really leaves me a bit stunned and feeling that same pain even having listened to it over and over again.

In conclusion, MSRY have created a great EP that has a vast list of influences but still really accessible to anyone who enjoys alternative music. My personal favourite is Courage with it’s heavier hardcore influences as that’s where my personal preferences lie, but this is a solid EP overall that I think a lot of people will enjoy.

MSRY are on tour this month on a co-headline with Tether and you can catch them here:

18.11.19 Oxford, The Library 19.11.19 Liverpool, Jacaranda Basement 20.11.19 Leicester, The Shed 21.11.19 Birmingham, Subside 22.11.19 Bournemouth, The Anvil 23.11.19 Luton, The Castle Tavern 24.11.19 London, The Unicorn MSRY will also perform in-store at HMV Banbury on 25th November.

Make sure to catch MSRY on tour if you can and you can check them out on their social media linked below.

Instagram Twitter Facebook Spotify Youtube

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