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My Makeup Storage

I own a 3-door freestanding wardrobe, and the middle door is my mirror. This means this is where I do my hair and makeup every day, rather than at a vanity or in a bathroom. Only two of the doors are actually space for clothes, and last door opens to reveal 4 shelves – and this is where I keep all of my makeup, skincare products and hair care products.

Before last year I kept my makeup either in a makeup bag or left it out on the shelf, and everything else was thrown in a basket on another shelf. It was a bit of a mess, to say the least. Then I got my student loan in and spent a good chunk on the organisation of my hectic, messy room.

The new organisation of my stuff became this:

First shelf – hair ties, hair accessories, spare hair dye and rarely used perfumes.

Second shelf – makeup storage, other commonly used items and overflow sunglasses storage.

Third shelf – hair and skincare products.

Fourth shelf – Eyeshadow palettes and extra product storage.

So, let me break it down further for ya.

First shelf

This shelf is right at the top of the wardrobe and isn’t very large. However, that means what I

put up there, you cant really see behind the two main baskets! So, this is where I store my extra pots or boxes of unused hair dye, as well as rarely used perfume. I’m not a perfume gal, I think that all “affordable” perfumes (i.e. not designer) smell the same, and it’s all that perfume mixed with sugar and flowers smell. I find it a harsh smell and so I’ve never been a perfume wearer. I’ve always preferred body mists or sprays – they’re cheaper, smell better and are easier to carry around with you for reapplication. But, being a female, once you start getting near your 20’s, people start buying you these perfumes as presents and I tend to shove them back here and they sit unopened and unused unless they get re-gifted to someone who might appreciate them more than me.

The two baskets on this shelf contain all my hair accessories. The brown wicker one is full of hair bobbles (hair ties? idk) and the purple one has everything else – mostly scrunchies and different sized and coloured claw clips.

Second Shelf

This is almost aaaaall makeup. It looks much nicer that it was before, trust me! I bought these stackable shelf stands from Ikea to make better use of the big space on the shelf. On the top I have the large makeup organiser which I bought from Home Bargains. It holds all my brushes, my everyday makeup, my most used nail varnishes and lipsticks, as well as all of my eyeliners, my hair cutting scissors and combs too. Everything in one place. I have little blue gemstones to fill the brush section, so they stand up.

On the next level I have another small makeup organiser, but this one is all squares which I bought from Primark. I hang the headband that I use to keep my hair away from my face when I do my makeup off this. This holds the lipsticks I use less often, and in front I keep a few extra nail varnishes. I’m currently in the process of trying to find the right foundation for my skin and so I have some foundations that I’m not currently using at the back here too. I also keep a pot of cotton buds here in a cute dispenser (also from Primark) because a gal always needs a little cotton bud during her makeup routine. This is also where I keep the only perfume that I use – Alien by Thierry Mugler. I wear it when I want to make the extra effort. I also have two trinket dishes; a little cactus trinket box which I keep my plugs and nose piercings in, and a gold dish which I keep my pins in.

Under that I keep a little pot which holds my beauty blenders and I have a deer trinket dish which holds my face jewellery while I do my makeup, and the jewellery I wear on a daily basis when it needs to be taken off (for work or when I shower) so that I don’t lose it – because I’m very good at losing things.

I also keep my makeup bag here for easy access when I pack to stay at my boyfriend’s and hang up some sunglasses that I wear less often.

Third Shelf

This shelf has a set of drawers that I bought from Ikea. Under them I keep a load of fancy shmancy bags from fancy shmancy shops as well as my hair tools – straighteners, curlers and crimpers.

In the top draw I keep the stuff I reach for most, including my setting sprays, hair conditioning spray and my hairbrushes. In the next draw I keep the stuff that I reach for less often like my sun cream, hair sprays and nail varnish remover. In the third drawer I keep my makeup removing stuff (and my boyfriend's deodorant). I have reusable cleansing mitts, flannels and cotton rounds that remove makeup with just water, as well as my cleanser, facial scrub, silicone cleansing pads and my usual flannels too.

Fourth Shelf

This was less of a shelf and more of the bottom cubby essentially, so I got this gold shelf insert from Ikea to make better use of the extra space I had above the basket. In this I keep all my eyeshadow palettes so they’re more easily accessible than keeping them in my overflow makeup case which is under my bed.

The basket is where I keep a lot of extra things. I keep stuff like my bio oil, glittery talc and glitter hair spray which I wear on a night out (cuz I’m extra). I also keep my duplicates down here. There’s often deals on when you buy hair conditioner or shaving cream ect, so I keep the ones that I’m not currently using down here, and then when I run out I always have one ready to go instead of not having any to use. Down the side of this basket I currently have two bottles of baby shampoo which I use to clean my makeup brushes instead of expensive brush cleanser!

And that’s it! I hope that maybe this has given you some organisational inspiration! I will link what I can in the post, even if it's just a similar item, so if there is something that you want to get your hands on you can find one too!


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