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Where I Get My Style Inspiration

As I mentioned in my last blog post, this winter I don’t want to spend my whole time in just hoodies and jeans. However, with the weather getting colder and wetter and the days getting darker, it’s getting harder to get out of my warm bed in time to come up with and put on pretty outfits.

So, whenever I need motivation, these are a few gals that I turn to for inspiration!

Amy Valentine

Amy has been one of my biggest outfit inspirations for a while now. She’s got the greatest mix of badass and girly, not only in her style but also in her personality. I love how punk rock she is, and her range of boots really makes me want to spend all of my money. She’s also a tall gal like me, so I can really gauge whether certain brands skirts will definitely be too small for me and barely cover my bum! If you’re tall, you’ll know. Amy’s style has become very empowered in the last year, you can see that she’s dressing for herself and is feeling it! Love her all round.

Helen Anderson

Helen is a gem. I love watching her daily vlogs and just watching her go about her daily life, she’s one of those gals you just want to be friends with (even though you know you’ll probably never meet irl). I can dream though. Her style is ranges from glam rock to country girl depending on what mood she’s in. She’s one of the reasons I actually strayed from safe ripped skinny jeans to trying more daring patterns and cuts. Helen is also a very similar body shape to me and has helped me dress better for my body shape. She’s also helped me love my body despite my lack of thigh gap and wobbly belly.

Zoe London

Zoe is an all-rounder. Not only does she have a brilliant sense of personal style, but she’s spot on with everything else too; beauty, hair, homeware, life hacks, food – there’s nothing this girl cant do. She’s a blogger, DJ, youtuber, instagrammer and newlywed! This girl is superwoman. Her content is 10/10 whatever its about, but her style is what drew me in first. She’s got a great soft alternative style, with most of her clothing from affordable brands so you can easily replicate her style. I particularly love her styling videos over on YouTube! Also, while writing this I realise I’ve currently got the exact same hair as she did when I started following her!

Sophie Seddon

I’m a recent fan of Sophie’s but I think I’ve liked every Instagram photo that she’s posted over the last 4 weeks. Probably. Her style is a great mix of grunge and vintage. She’s made me want a pair of chunky platform boots because she wears hers all the time and she pulls them off like no one else. There is one pair of particular red and yellow striped trousers that she owns that I neeeed in my life! She’s got the effortless style that I aspire to have – comfy, casual, grunge and amazing.


Sophie is another girl that I’ve found over on Instagram recently. She’s got this very cute, feminine, sweet, goth vibe. I’ve been trying to get back into skirts and dresses over the winter rather than just wearing trousers for the next 6 months, and the majority of her outfits are exactly that - skirts and dresses. So, she’s one account I scroll though when I’m feeling something more effeminate and cute. Her witchy vibe is also perfect for autumn goth inspo, and has recently styled outfits based on Halloween movie characters!


Lydia is a triple threat; youtuber, blogger and instagrammer. Her monochrome theme still gives me cozy vibes somehow? It’s also the best feed of anyone that I follow hands down. She knows exactly how to do every style of photo – mirror ootd, ootd flatylay, ad flatlay, shoe inspo, instax polaroid, you name it, she’ll smash it. She knows exactly how to style denim and jumpers, frequently styling up her cropped denim jacket and her mom jeans (and now I want a cropped denim jacket). Her vintage grunge style is the perfect example of keeping stylish this autumn/winter but not compromising on warmth or comfort.

And those are 6 girls inspiring me to dress better. Of course, I’m still going to have days where I just throw on a hoodie and some jeans, and even days where I don’t get dressed period - unless you count pyjamas – because you cant be fabulous 24/7! But I can try maybe to be fabulous, like, 18/4??

You can go follow all of these ladies over on Instagram by clicking the links in the paragraphs.


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